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Cheers for WordCamp Sofia 2016!

WordCamp Sofia 2016

If you follow our company blog, then you already know that DevriX was a sponsor of this year’s WordCamp Sofia 2016!

WordCamps being an integral part of the WordPress Community, we at DevriX always try to be a part and attend as many WordCamps as we can.

Last weekend – 22nd and 23rd of October WordCamp Sofia took place at Arena Mladost in Sofia where more than 400 people gathered together to get into the magical world of WordPress.


This year’s camp was especially important for us for several reasons, we are proud to share:

We attended WordCamp Sofia with 10 members from our team, three of them gave talks at the event, Mario, Stanko and Andrew showed their skills to present and perform at a high level.

The conference began with a speech by Mario, our well-spoken CEO. He gave a talk about business-centric WordPress topic for plugin developers with his presentation called: Business and Monetization Opportunities for Developers.

It was an extremely interesting talk for both non-technical people and those with a solid technical background as Mario gave us real examples and well explained facts. Let’s not forget that Mario is a core contributor of WordPress, given his diverse experience in both the technical and business world, working with large enterprise customers since 2006.

Another member of DevriX’s team – Stanko Metodiev, the nifty Technical WP Lead managed to show us the common misconceptions in the field of WordPress, with his presentation called “WordPress is small and it doesn’t work for BIG things”.

He blew us away with facts that opened our eyes to many misstatements heard in the WordPress community.

The conference was closed by Andrew who had a talk about business and gave us 10 tips on how to engage with enterprise level prospects”. The presentation led us on a deep dive into the sales process of identifying, approaching and performing a successful sales pitch in a corporate environment.

This year we also brought with us our proud mascot the “Dixy” to keep us company and to entertain our friends attending the event

Our Booth:

There were a lot of people who wanted to come and meet us as a well-known team in the Bulgarian WordPress community.


We were extremely grateful for the interest that was shown in DevriX and how many people came to visit us at our Booth. We had arranged some goodies to give away to attendees.

Thank you guys for the support!

DevriX at WordCamp Sofia, DevriX Booth. (From left Mariyan Belchev, Yoana Leventieva, Asya Trosheva, Moretti Georgiev, Kamena Dacheva, Andrey Tepeshanov)

(From left Moretti Georgiev/WordPress Developer and Mariyan Belchev/Back-end Developer)

Yovo Kolev WordPress Enthusiast and Tester

As always we all had a great time meeting with the WordPress community, discuss and brainstorm on the latest developments and share our new stories. There was all- laughter, smiles, positive energy, people from one community that gather together at one place just to learn and share their know-how with someone else. it was a pure pleasure to be a part of this unique atmosphere.


We want to say big “Thank You” to everyone, all our existing and new business partners/friends, the organisation of WordCamp Sofia 2016, all volunteers, Sponsors, Speakers & Attendees for this awesome experience.

See you at the next WordCamp


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