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10 Must-Have Skills of a WordPress Agency Owner

Are you thinking about opening your WordPress Agency?

Many people think that it is not important to have programming knowledge to start a WordPress agency. Do you think so? If yes, then you are absolutely wrong!

Don’t get us wrong. I am not telling that you have to be an expert, but you have to have some basic knowledge.

Whether you are simply beginning as a WordPress agency owner or are looking to change professions and turn into a web developer, there are some must-have skills that you require in the event that you would like to be successful.

Must-Have Skills of a WordPress Agency Owner

The accompanying list of skills represent the major areas of knowledge that you need to start your agency.

Number 1: HTML

HTML means hypertext markup language. It is just like the foundation of how sites are assembled. To this end, is a standout amongst the essential things a Web professional can learn and likely one of the principal things they will learn. Regardless of the possibility that you anticipate utilizing WYSIWYG editors or even a CMS for the greater part of your profession, knowing HTML will give you a comprehension of how the Web functions and give you a lot more control over your work and guarantee that in the event you do need to work outside of those editors, you can do as such.

Number 2: CSS

While HTML handles the structure of a website, CSS directs the visual appearance. Accordingly, CSS is another most important language that WordPress agency owner can learn.

CSS is a basic skill for Web creators and front-end engineers. While CSS might be valuable to back-end Web engineers, it is not as imperative as it is for front-end developers.

Number 3: JavaScript

It is the primary interactive component of a site. Before you start learning other languages, you have to be comfortable enough with JavaScript. You have to understand how it collaborates with HTML and CSS to make the 3 layers of web configuration. JavaScript is important for the front end developers, however, as an agency owner, you should learn JavaScript as it assumes a basic part in numerous site and web applications today.

Number 4: PHP, Java, ASP or Perl

It is possible to use different types of languages to build a website. There are too many alternatives than the languages I have listed above, however, these are probably the most popular web programming languages. PHP is effortlessly the pioneer on the Web today, so in the event that you pick one and only programming language to learn, then choose only PHP.


Number 5: SEO Knowledge

SEO is helpful for anybody building sites. There are various elements that influence a webpage’s positioning in web indexes, from the content of a website to its inbound connections; as an agency owner you should have basic knowledge. You need not be an expert, just some basic knowledge will give you the ease.

Number 6: Portable Support

On today’s Web, there is an amazing assortment of gadgets and screen sizes being used. To this end, your website or applications or other products must be suitable for this multi-gadget world.

You need to have the ability to design websites that are suitable for different sizes. Having the knowledge of media queries to design responsive sites is common for Web experts today.

Above are the basic skills that you should know as a WordPress Agency owner, however, there are some must have skills that will help you grow your business. Here you go…

Number 7: Strategic Thinking

It is a must have skill. Nothing could be essential to the achievement of your business than the capacity to think deliberately. Strategic thinking includes the use of business experiences planned to make a “leg up” in your business. This skill challenges the true way of thinking and existing conditions to plan more creative and successful arrangements.


Number 8: Goal Setting

You should have the ability to set clear goals, otherwise, your team members will be confused! This skill will help you improve your performance. Planning is very important while you are trying to set your goals. It is the procedure used to decide the exact direction of a business. You have to allocate your resources properly.

Number 9: Sales

Shock! You are as of now selling your products. You are selling websites, you are selling themes, plugins and much more! The genuine question is how skilled would you say you are at selling in your business? You have to know how to it right as selling plays an important role in your business.

Number 10: Marketing

Yes! You should have this skill. You can start from inbound marketing. You need not be an expert. You can outsource it. However, as marketing is very important or your business, so you should have basic knowledge. It will help you to choose the right marketing vendors for your business.

These skills will also help you to give instructions to your employees. Without knowing any technical terms, you will never be able to understand your employees and the demands of your customers.


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