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3 Reasons Why Brand Marketers Are Afraid of Podcasting


Podcasting hardly needs any introduction as it has gain quite a lot of popularity over time. However, it seems like marketers are not really using podcast as much as they possibly could. Why? There is no definitive answer but there is some explanation to why they would fear doing that.

Why Podcast?

If you really want to fathom the online presence of this medium, you should know that it is a big movement. There is a conference called the Podcast Movement which is attended by hundreds of people from varying walks of life. This goes to show that this is something serious and that those who do it perhaps love it too. Nevertheless, there is fear seen in podcasters and aspiring podcasters alike which springs from various reasons. Here are the 3 biggest reasons behind this notion:

The fear about being irrelevant

Most people are afraid of being irrelevant that perhaps people will not like them. They are also challenged with the fear that perhaps someone else is already doing something similar i.e. doing podcasts on the same topic. They also have the fear that they cannot really master the technology or the medium. Most of these fears would seem a result of lack of confidence or just plain fear of failure but it is not all that.

The truth here is that to measure the success of a podcast, there is no definitive way. It is unique to each podcaster and what they are trying to achieve with it. Obviously, most want to make money off it and be successful in their brand marketing but again not a lot of brand marketers are utilizing it.

Lack of understanding about this medium

There is a great dearth of knowledge about podcasts in the marketing world. It is safe to say that they have not yet properly understood what it can or cannot do for them which is understandable because there are just so many other mediums on the table too, mediums that are rather more powerful and get maximum exposure as compared with podcasts. This is exactly what distinguishes podcasts from other mediums like videos, social media or blogging.

Podcast & Social Media

A lot of focus has now been on social media which is great but one thing to remember here is that it is not really your own channel. All we do here is share our content and it goes to everyone. Podcasts provide a way to develop your own channel for marketing. This has been emphasized long enough that marketers need to have their own channel as well.

Naturally when you do not know a lot about something, you hesitate from taking it up. So the only way to kill the fear is to study it and understand the concepts. Podcasts are for niche markets only where the numbers may be less but it is comprised of people who are genuinely interested. In such a market your efforts are going to pay off rather quickly and generously. In order to really make an impact and sell, you need the best audience and that could be 20 people which is better than a 1000 people who are not interested to hear you.

Brand marketers are focused a lot on demand generation and easily forget that in this game quality is always more important than quantity, at least in the long run. If you really want to benefit from podcasts and eliminate this fear, you have to instill in your tactics the focus on quality. Find your niche audience and it will automatically counter the first fear described here.

Fear of change

You have already heard that the only constant is change and the world of marketing is no different. Podcasting is seeing a lot of growth lately and the numbers clearly show that. According to Edison Research, Americans listen to 21 million hours of podcasts every day. This is a huge number and it is only going to increase but are you willing to accept that?

It is very easy when the goals are clearly defined but with something like podcasts where the result is perhaps not set in numbers it may get confusing. This is the thing about podcasts that they are not really goal oriented. However, since we are not used to such a medium we find it a tad bit risky. We develop a sense of fear that perhaps the smart thing to do would be to stick to what you know.

The smart thing any marketer can do is to adapt to changes as fast as they can. This is because we know that whoever arrives late to the party never gets the cake. So in order to really address this fear, the first thing to do is to accept it and then make peace with the fact that change is necessary. Once you have done that, you will find the not so goal oriented approach of podcasting rather fun.

Here is a great piece by Brent Schlenker on how Podcasting can help us learn more!


Podcasting can prove instrumental for marketers if they utilize it and address their fear of using it. It is uncharted territory for many but it is not something impossible. You can easily publish podcasts and reach to a selected audience relevant to your agenda. Solutions like DevriX provide great support with your WordPress website to publish podcasts and make a difference. We handle everything for you and make your marketing ventures diverse and effective. It makes sense to try out new things especially for brand marketers because it is good to take risks sometimes. And besides podcasts are getting pretty popular and eventually you will have to come around it.

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