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5 Awesome Online Marketing Tools for Small Business

Every business now needs to market their product or service online and there are so many great online marketing tools to serve this very purpose. ...

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Every business now needs to market their product or service online and there are so many great online marketing tools to serve this very purpose. You can use the tool that caters to your business needs. However, the best thing is to test your campaign first. The top 5 marketing tools we recommend are:

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Answer the Public

It is one of the free online marketing tools. It can be used to determine topic and questions regarding primary keywords. These questions can be answered through your content. This will help your content have high quality and of course high ranking when someone searches the keywords particular to your business on Google. The conversion rates would see increase as well because people will find reliable information on your website. 2016-05-09 22-52-37

Screaming Frog

This is a tool everyone from any industry can use. There is a paid version as well with more functionality. With that you can crawl up over 500 pages. This tool can be used to find broken links. You can audit redirects and discover the pages missing the necessary Meta data and also find `duplicate content. This tool provides all these technical and very useful functions for your marketing needs.

Google Keywords

If you have a pay per click campaign, this tool from Google might just be the thing you need. There is so much to do when setting up Adwords campaign. Volume calculator is a great tool where you can find out how many times people searched for a keyword every month in the least year. Isn’t that fantastic? You can then layer with location targeting to get an idea about the monthly performance your particular keywords will see. You can even find out about the competition level and bid for the keywords you chose.

Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook has a become a behemoth of a marketing platform. It has billions of users and is omnipresent, hence a great platform for small business to get the word out. Facebook Audience is a free tool for content and market research. You can find relevant information about specific demographics and learn a thing or two about your potential audience.

It can help you create content that will cater to the people you are targeting and make them love it. If you are, say, a perfume business, based in, say, a small town in Romania, you can toggle the advance option and select home to learn about the local audience. This can be a great way to design your marketing strategy based on the people you are targeting. 2016-05-09 22-59-08

This is vital for a small business SEO campaign as a lot is riding on the keywords you use and how you use. Using this tool, you can get keyword suggestions from Google or Fiverr in order to find the best solutions for your business needs. Once you have gotten the right keywords you build your content around those. The free version has limited functionality but with the paid version, you can even find keyword competitiveness and volume metrics.

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