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5 Rising Internet Marketing Trends in 2016

Internet marketing trends

Every year brings with it some new trends that change the way we think and the way we work. Online marketing is one field that sees changes every now and then. Some ignore the changes and stick to their ‘ideas that work.’ Ideas that may have worked last year, may not work in the current year. Early adopters of new Internet marketing trends and strategies are of course taking risks but most of the times these risks pay off very well.

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Here are 5 Internet marketing trends that are sure to dominate 2016:

1. Video Marketing

It is estimated that by 2017, 70% of internet traffic will driven by videos. That is saying something. Video is the rising star of online marketing. Video marketing on Facebook and Twitter is believed to be far more fast and expansive as compared with other mediums. The spending on video marketing is estimated to increase by 32% in 2016.

The reason is simple: people like videos better. It creates a personal connection. It offers the highest level of engagement. The average click through rate is 184% higher than other digital formats.

2. Better SEO

With every passing year SEO tactics and strategies get more intelligent. 2016 will see SEO become better. And this intelligence is directly proportional to the intelligence of the search engines. They can differentiate patterns and make stronger predictions. And there is only one thing that takes the cake: quality of content. SEO strategies will revolve around the content. SEO tactics will not only be applicable on search engines but also on assistance services like Siri.

3. Mobile Domination

Mobile will continue to dominate desktop as search engines also prefer mobile friendly websites. More than 50% emails are accessed on mobile phones. So content designed for mobile screens will carry more weight. It has become so much dominate as websites with only mobile friendly design are acceptable. With smart phones reaching every hand, only a fool will not make use of mobile for marketing.

4. Virtual Reality & Wearables

2016 can rightfully be called the year of virtual reality. Numerous VR technologies are sprawling on the tech scene. With VR wear and other wearable technologies becoming more common, marketers will make use of these technologies. 2016 could very well be the year we encounter interactive advertisements. More wearable technology is on its way and can introduce new horizons in the world of internet marketing. Imagine getting your product on someone’s wrist? It is quite possible now.

5. Large Investments

Businesses are increasing their investments in digital marketing. Some may even divert their entire marketing budget towards internet marketing. Why? It is the most diverse medium and it is widespread. There are numerous tools like email, newsletters, videos, social media posts etc. This will all result in cut throat competition between companies to get their campaigns better and stronger. The investment will largely focus on quality of the content.

Online marketing is like a relay race where there is no stopping. One thing leads to another, and you use what you get. Those who are lazy in taking up the hot trends, lag too far behind. Make 2016 the year, you up your marketing game and bring in unfathomable success.

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