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Content Marketing and Customer Experience; What’s the link?

content marketing

Credibility and loyalty have become established by products of content marketing and that improves a business’ relation with its customer. Content serves as a unique way to communicate and influence customers and goes much beyond mere marketing. This is the sole reason why marketers spend so much time and money on content and carefully design their strategy that is most suitable to their brand and their customers.

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Another important thing for businesses is to create a great customer experience. The consumer dynamic has changed over the years and now people value experience far more than other aspects like value for money, quality or popularity. Content naturally influences the experience of a customer when doing business with a brand. There lies a strong connection between content marketing and customer experience.

Common goals of Content Marketing and Customer Experience


The link springs from the many goals content marketing and customer experience have in common. They both enforce the good of the visitor or customer and offer something valuable to them. They both deliver value in their own way and create a pathway for a customer towards the final sale or conversion. So in a way, content reinforces a good customer experience and engages the user through different sorts of content on a varied number of platforms. Simply put customer experience is simply making sure that the customer is at the center of everything and content too does that only through the value it offers the customer.

Content Provides Necessary Channel for Experience


The audience has evolved over the years and so has their way of interaction with content. And companies across the world are using content to establish a connection with the customer and provide them an experience. For instance, Kraft not only puts out recipes to drive sales but it also helps customers celebrate Thanksgiving with delicious dishes, therefore creating an unforgettable experience. No matter what product is on stake, content can provide a way to influence how the customer uses the product.

Content also gives brands a way to distinguish themselves through the experience a customer will have. And as the competition keeps getting tougher, businesses are looking for these very phenomena to create hype for their product. Companies are moving from traditional marketing and taking up content for this particular reason.

Experience is how you define it


The simple definition of customer experience is physical or digital content that has some value for the customer and creates a connection at an emotional level. The experience ultimately earns the loyalty of a customer and that itself is a great feat for any business. But experience is not limited to this definition only, it is quite fluid and is defined by your business model or product. However you define customer experience, content will provide a channel for it to develop. You can get as innovative as you like but you will find that content is the path your efforts will use to communicate with the audience.

Customer Experience is the Future

According to a report titled Customer 2020, by the end of this decade customer experience will be used as a distinguishing factor for products. People will value experience more than the price or quality for that matter. This clearly shows that the dynamic of purchasing is changing and businesses need to adapt to that change. And how do they do that? Content drives audience and creates an experience for them. From small household products to big investments like cars or property, people will tend to prefer the product or service they feel is going to give them the best experience.

Create Experience for Noncustomers too

BMW is a great example of companies throwing their net far and wide. The content they use provides experience to people who are not even potential customers. Those who attend their Driving Academy Maisach get to experience what it is like to drive their cars. One would wonder why even target such audience or invest in creating content for them? Surely you will not be converting each customer but what you will have is a massive popularity and trust. Through content they are offering value to those who are not even their customers; one is only left to wonder what experience the actual customers will have?

This is just one example of how content is creating experience and creating a budding fan base for the brand. And who knows, this very audience who cannot buy a car right now will only buy a BMW when they have enough to buy it. In a way, we can say BMW is preparing for the future and extending its marketing efforts to what would be future potential customers. This just goes to show how massively influential content can be and how companies are utilizing it in innovative ways.

Customer Experience leads to customer advocacy

Customer advocacy is yet another mutual benefit of content marketing and creating customer experience. We have established that people now prefer experience for evaluating a product or service and if the experience is great, they share that with other people. Through social media, people can advocate your brand or product and evaluate the experience they had and share with their family and friends. And people who read reviews and comments about the experience a product has to offer will be more inclined to use it than perhaps other aspects like price or popularity. And content of course works in a similar fashion; it helps build up beneficial experience for customer and as a result, these customers shares the content with their contacts and the cycle continues.


If you are trying to create customer experience, content is the key for achieving optimal success in this matter. They go hand in hand as they provide value to the customer, earn their confidence and create advocates. There is no limit to what you can try as you yourself define what experience means for your customer as long as customer is at the center of it.

Customer experience is going to matter a lot in the future for people to waver towards one brand over others. Marketers already realize this changing notion and are coming up with innovative content to enhance customer experience. Content marketing will help create experience which will in turn drive growth and revenue.


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