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Content That Creates Loyalty, Trust & Engagement

Have you ever wondered about the importance of content when marketing a product or idea? Good content means good marketing. And good content is that which helps build the image of your brand, gain trust and engage the consumers. Achieving all of that through your content is far more difficult than you think. In this article, we will raise and answer questions about what can be considered good content marketing. We will examine how you can create such a content that takes your brand where you want it to be – To a whole new level!

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Engagement is a Precursor to the Goal

When you talk about creating content, expectedly the main purpose would be engagement. Suppose you start a blog. Now why did you start a blog? The simple answer is to engage people. It should be considered as a first step towards your goal and not the main goal. And truly speaking, engagement is not all that difficult either. In this day and age, you can engage thousands of people by just a 140 characters long tweet. 2016-03-30 11-22-21


And this is where the problem arises. Some people start considering engagement as an all-important Key Performance Indicator. It is not possible to measure success through engagement as it is not a tangible measure. The following quote from Google’s Digital Marketing evangelist, Avinash Kaushik, will help you make more sense of this notion:

“Even as creating engaging experiences on the web is mandatory, the metric called Engagement is simply an excuse for an unwillingness to sit down and identify why a site exists. An excuse for an unwillingness to identify real metrics that measure if your web presence is productive. An excuse for taking a short cut…”

The main strategy should be to deeply examine the purpose of the existence of a brand. Engagement is not an effective measure of success of your content simply because it is not easy to sustain and susceptible to copy. However, engagement of course is absolutely necessary as it brings people to you.

Trust is Necessary

In contrast to engagement, gaining trust for your brand is fairly difficult. If we were to describe trust in this context, it would be how the consumers see your brand, how they see the people behind the brand or working for the brand and how they feel about it.


Trust is vital for success as it makes you the reliable choice for consumers. Once the trust is built, your brand sustains because people buy it. Ubiquity is the key to gaining trust. In simpler words, your content needs to cover different channels. For instance, you have a very convincing content on your blog but hardly three people read it. What is the use then? You need to bring out content to the public in diversified ways. Rather than just posting words, start effective conversations, use images, share valuable information from a different kind of brand not related to your agenda. Your content should move from social to physical, from words on the computer to words from the mouth.

Truth is people respond well to people. You can get a catchy slogan or a vivid design, but it might still be less effective then people’s favorite movie star speaking. People create affinity to your brand. Instead of just focusing on content, share that focus on who is going to say it. You can find out people within your brand to do that. Do a bit of search to find out unique things about them and use that to describe your brand:

  • Suppose an employee likes radio. They can be sent on a radio show or their recordings can be shared over Soundcloud. And since they work for the brand, they know it inside out.
  • Another person is Twitter savvy. Make them do live tweets once a week where they answer questions about your brand.
  • Someone in your brand has a funny bone. They can engage people with their humor. People will laugh and get more comfortable. Eventually, trusting your brand more.

Loyalty is the Sweet Fruit of Successful Content Marketing

Loyalty for some means how many people return to their page or website. And building this loyalty needs a bit of focus and research. You need to define your goals for example a certain number of shares than work on attributes that achieve this goal. You need to use the content that works for you, that which ropes in consumers for your brand. It could be a GIF or a video. You will have to figure out what content gets you loyalty. And that requires patience. You do not need to switch between content if one thing is not working. Give it time, and see if it gains momentum. Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi puts this in this way:

“The sheer majority of brands will continue to crash and burn with their content creation and distribution efforts. Simply put, most brands resist telling a truly differentiated story, and even those that do tell one aren’t consistent or patient enough to build loyal audiences over time.”

For starters you can use the template from Authority Rainmaker. It will provide you with an analysis of what content of your website is doing well with the visitors. Once you know the type of content that is working for you, calculate ROI using Seige Media’s Content marketing ROI calculator to get costs estimated for the content. You can even use tools like BuzzSumo to evaluate the performance of your content and find ways to improve on it.

Winning with content marketing

With our analysis of how to create effective content that helps create trust and loyalty and engages people, you can understand the long term benefits of correct content marketing. Keep in mind that engagement creates a way for trust and trust eventually leads to loyalty and that is what your aim should be. And be sure to get creative with the content, so long as you do it for the right audience in the right way. The success of content is the success of your brand. And putting out successful content will take a bit of effort on your part. Planning, searching and then implementing the content that is best for you will likely deliver the results you want. Simply putting out content will not cut the chase. Remember we live in the digital age, and the content online is enormous. And we do not want to be inconspicuous. We want to stand out in order to get trust and loyalty.

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