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How to Make Your Visitors Come Back to Your Website? Top 8 Tips

A decent website gets your consideration, awakens your emotions, and gives you effortlessly what you require.

If you are looking for magic pills, then there are not any to make an incredible website that everybody will visit over and over, yet there are some important things you can do to improve your site performance. Some important things to focus on are making the website user-friendly and as easy to use as possible.

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A site is not something you make once and afterward leave it on the rack trusting visitors will drop by to visit it. Good websites require some investment, commitment, time and consistency to make them significant and prevalent. On the off chance that you need to consider your site important and expand the number of your visitors, time spent on your website and return visits then you have to follow some rules.

I am going to write ten tips in this article that will help you enhance your pages and make them something your visitors are interested in perusing and passing on to other readers.

You know there are a great many websites out there, so by what means would you be able to stand apart from your rivals?

Here you go…

Tip 1: Make Your Website Load Faster

If you cannot do anything to improve the performance of your website, then you have to do at least one thing and that is enhancing the loading speed of your website.

Nowadays, internet connections are getting faster, yet regardless of how fast the internet connection is for the visitors, there is always more content, more information, more images and there are much more things for them to download.

According to


Visitors will never notice the speed of your site if it is speed is good, they will only notice when it is slow. So making speedy pages normally overlooked, however, there are different ways to improve your site speed, your web pages will not be slow, and readers will stay longer.

Tip 2: Design Extraordinary Navigation

In the event that your visitors cannot get around on the web page or on your site, then they won’t stick around. You have to design navigation for your web pages that are direct, clear and simple to use. If your web pages are long, then try to use anchor links. It will help readers find their way on the web page.

Tip 3: Keep The Length of Your Webpage Fair

There are differences between writing for a web page and writing for a print. You need to give your visitors the things what they need, yet give enough detail to the visitors who need expansion.

Tip 4: Think about Mobile Friendly Strategy

Research the rate of your visitors that are liable to utilize mobile devices like tablet, smartphones or other mobile devices to get to your site. If it is high, you might need to think about a mobile friendly form of your website. If the percentage is low, simply ensure that your site works great on smartphones.

Tip 5: Take from Your Rivals

Before you design a site, look at your rivals and list the things they do well. On the off chance that you like the look and feel of another site, there is no reason not to start with something you like.

Tip 6: Use Right Colors

Colors have implications to individuals, and if you use the wrong color, then it can create the wrong impression. Naturally web pages are international. Regardless of the possibility that you mean your web page for a particular nation or territory, it will be seen by other individuals. That is why it is important to have some knowledge on color choices. Do not forget the color symbolism when you create your color scheme for your website.

Tip 7: Design Your Content

Content is the key to helping your visitors come back to your site. In case you are going to offer products on your site, get some product photographs and description that are useful for your visitors.


Tip 8: Be Careful Using Links

Broken Links are another sign for some perusers that a website is not kept up. Also, why might anybody need to stick around on a site that even the owner of the website does not care for? Always try to use HTML validator and also link checker to help you check older pages for broken connections.

Note: You can use Google Bot Access Checker. It’s free. This will demonstrate to you when Google’s bot went to your site. If your site has not been visited by in the previous three months you might need to start adding some new content. Keep in mind, the latest quality web content will help you get more visitors to your site.

If you need your visitors to continue returning to your site you have to give them some reasons to do as such. On the off chance that you have an old site, that has not been upgraded in the previous 6 months then you are not helping your business. Figure out how to make and share interesting content with your website visitors.


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