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Quick Guide to Write 7 Types of Blog Posts to Gain Unlimited Traffic

The main purpose of writing content is to draw the attention of your potential customers. It is easy to craft a catchy title to attract your customers, but what if they find your blog posts useless? They will simply run away from your website and never come back.

You can attract the visitors and gain unlimited traffic simply by posting useful content resources for them. To make any content useful, it is very important to follow a user-friendly format. This guide will teach you how to write effective blog posts, what type of content entries can gain traffic and how to write them.

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Popular Types of Blog Posts

If you search online, you will get more than 100 types of blog posts available online. In reality, it is tricky to write useful blog posts. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to provide your readers with informative, interesting and useful articles.

When your readers find your content useful and effective, they will never abandon your blog – they will keep reading, share with their friends and subscribe to your email. Here is the list of content entry types that will ultimately help you gain more traffic to your blog.

#Type 1: “How To” Articles

Do you want to create a viral post that gets shared a thousand times on facebook and spreads like a wildfire on twitter? We can show you how it’s done. All you have to do is just read on…

It has never been easier for skilled & savvy experts to share and for the lazy ones to find the information they are looking for. If you’re an expert in your field and no matter what field it is – you might be the perfect candidate to create a killer “How-to” article and give your content marketing strategy a great boost.

You can consider the “How To” type articles as the number one type of blog post. It is one of the most powerful types of content that you can easily produce, which often turn out to evergreen content that serves your readers a long time. Normally, How-to blog posts contain guides, tutorials as well as comprehensive resources. You can enrich the same post by adding different media elements like images, audio, video, and a descriptive infographic. You can write:

  • Step by Step instructions
  • Directions
  • Tips & Tricks and more

If you are an expert in any field, you can easily write one “how to” article on that topic. For example, if you know how to cook fish – just write down one simple post on how to cook fish. You may think that cooking fish is so easy, but if your blog targets people interested in meals and cooking, that would be helpful for your audience.

How to

You may be concerned about sharing solutions for free, especially when you can easily sell your service or products. By developing useful and also informative contents and resources, your businesses can easily build trust, authority, as well as a good and long lasting relationship with your potential customers. When you have valuable products or services to pitch the readers, they will start to be your customers, too.

#Type 2: Top List Articles

If you search online you will get many articles on top 10 lists of something, top 20 facts about anything else and similar articles focusing on top entries for a given search query. List25 is a powerful example of a “Top 25” articles collection with 750,000 subscribers, passionate about lists.

List type blog posts are so powerful that you can easily rank them as the second most authoritative type of content entries. People are thirsty to read list type articles. Most of the people love to know about top 10 facts, top 60 themes, top 30 plugins and similar topics since a compilation saves their time and requires a certain amount of research upfront.

This type of content also has a great impact on social media websites. You just have to give it a catchy title and engage a good number of shares. List type posts can rank you on social media sites like Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. This type of articles helps to build a number of links and more followers to your website and social profiles.

Top list

If you just want to give the readers an overview of any top items, then you can write articles on the common topic. It is also possible to create your own top list types blog posts like top 20 habits of your own that would help you to build a career or something. You can search online to get more interesting and new ideas.

#Type 3: Infographics Posts


Infographics are getting popularity day by day, and the reason is very simple. Just seeing an infographic, people can perceive the idea of the provided content with all the media and structure needed to explain the concept. It saves time. Readers do not need to read the whole article if they are in a hurry. They can just scroll down and see the infographic to get the idea.

Though text-based blog posts are very useful if readers want to know the details, humans are visual creatures and it is easy to grab their attention by posting infographics. When the images start, to sum up, the statistics, facts, resources, or references, infographics get a nice traction for your online presence. Infographics are very useful if you are planning to improve your social presence and bump up the traffic numbers at the same time.


If you plan to create an infographic, then you can follow these tricks to make it useful:

  • Create a perfect flow. Do not just use random information
  • Pay attention to the text and the images. They need to match nicely with each other. You have to care about the fonts, colors, and photos as well.
  • You should have an eye on your design during the infographic development process. User-friendly designs can help to gain more traffics easily
  • It is always a good idea to use statistics, charts, numbers and graphs to make it look good.
  • Make your infographics easy for others to use and understand. Do not forget to use share buttons around the infographic image to increase the chance of backlinks.

#Type 4: Cheat Sheet Posts

Cheat Sheet posts can easily win the 4th place in our list. This type of posts are basically instructional post, but it provides direct information to all readers. Cheat sheets are very stylish, similarly to the infographics. Though this type of post cannot provide your readers with detailed information, it is very useful if you want to complete a specific task. Cheat sheet posts basically try to summarize or even >consolidate a large amount of data and information into a concise and digestible version.

cheat sheet

It is a wonderful idea to make your cheat sheet printable. So when the users need the cheat sheets, they will be able to easily download them and even print them out. Increasing efficiency or productivity is a big niche online. Any professional blog or even business blog can tailor this concept to target their audience. Printable and downloadable cheat sheets can easily be used as effective and FREE giveaways in order to lure readers to your email subscription form.

#Type 5: Trendy News Posts

You can post the latest news to your blog. Find the trendy news in your niche and blog about them, or repost them with your summary. You can write any post that can draw the attention of your potential readers. As you are writing a blog post, make it different than a traditional post in a news website. You can write it in your own style. Trendy and interesting posts have the ability to draw the attention of readers.


News posts, no matter whether they are original or even recapped, are very beneficial because latest news provides current as well as raw information to the readers. Trendy news resources are the right tools that can help you build trust with the audience. You can start by framing a current event that is relevant to your industry.

#Type 6: Series Posts

Series Posts consist of multiple advantages. If you can start a useful series, your visitors will not want to leave your blog. If you want to cover more points of view within a single topic, then it is a not a good idea to write 3000 words or 4000 words blog post. It can be boring.

series posts

Instead of writing a long blog post, you can make a series. Write the content on each sub-topic individually. When you break a big content into smaller parts, it will help you to increase the engagement of the readers.

#Type 7: Guest Posts

If you want to publish content to your blog from a different perspective, then asking for Guest posts is a great way to do that. You have to prepare guidelines for your contributors and invite them to come over and share their point of view on a subject relevant to your blog niche.


If your contributors maintain etiquette, they will promote their guest posts via the social media sites. It will definitely drive new readers and also new followers to your blog. You have to ensure that the quality and originality are intact before you post the submissions.

Bottom Line: Writing a blog post is very easy if you know how to collect the right information for your readers. You have already read about the most popular types of blog posts. Now you just need to make a plan for the next several months. See the infographic below containing the steps of planning your new blog posts:


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