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Repurpose Your Content to Get More Traffic: 5 Ways

Marketing your blog is not just about content based blog entries. You can repurpose your blog posts to increase the reach of your blog. It will help you distinguish link-building opportunities.

There are various techniques that permit you to take your content based blog entry and transform it into something other than what’s expected. A few people like to peruse blog entries. Indeed, many people do. However, everyone has their own inclination and in the event that you need to achieve your target audience that likes different types of content, you need to give them what they need.

Let’s get started!

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Why Should You Repurpose Your Content?

Repurposing content, otherwise, known as discovering better approaches to reuse your current content has various advantages, for example,

  • Contacting a New Audience: A few clients lean toward visual infographics over content measurements. Some pick podcasts over ebooks. Reformatting your substance for various mediums implies engaging more groups of onlookers and amplifying your span.
  • Tidying Off Forgotten Tales: We as a whole have that book that hangs at the back of the bookshelf. It may be months or even years before you discover that old fortune. Repurposing your old content makes it modern and up to date. It makes sure that your awesome content is always in front of your readers.
  • Attempting the Most of Your Efforts: When you put a huge amount of exertion into a bit of content, you make it rich. However, quality and pride are not important for the achievement. There is a wide range of inconspicuous components that influence how well a substance piece performs, and once in a while, woman fortunes are on her meal break.

Repurposing content guarantees that clients who did not read your epic blog entry before will get a second chance.  It’s another opportunity for content marketing.

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5 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

It is a smart idea to repurpose your old content. Content that you know was elegantly composed and brimming with great systems.

The possibility of repurposing your content implies reusing and reformatting your more established substance – blog entries, white papers, pamphlets, and so forth – and making it reasonable for different mediums. By utilizing another configuration for old content, you can contact another group of onlookers and new activity.

How about we take a gander at 5 magnificent ways to repurpose your content.

Way #1: SlideShare

An extraordinary approach to making use of white papers and introductions is to transfer them to SlideShare. LinkedIn SlideShare is a stage that empowers organizations and bloggers to transfer slide introductions and share them on the web. Business administrators may utilize it five circumstances more than other informal organizations like Facebook or Twitter.

Basically simplified your PowerPoint introductions or PDF’s and transform them into smooth and expert looking bits of content.


  • While plotting your SlideShare, enhance it with keywords. Specifically, utilize keywords in the title, depiction, labels, and in your slides.
  • Utilize pictures to pass on every point in your introduction
  • Incorporate a call to action toward the finish of your SlideShare

Way #2: Infographics

It takes the standard blog entry and transforms it into something visual for perusers. In fruitful cases, infographics will make a superior showing with regards to of imparting something fascinating and helpful to the intended interest group.

Here is the way you can repurpose your blog entries into infographics.

Before you procure a graphic designer, it’s a smart thought to draw or make an essential format. You can even do it in a word record in the event that you might want, yet giving the fashioner some heading will make the outlined procedure less demanding for you and for the designer.


You can contract an architect and have them make an awesome searching infographic for two or three hundred dollars. Advance your infographic on a site like Freelance Switch. You’ll get bunches of answers. Inquire as to whether they’ve done infographics before and request illustrations. The style of the realistic needs to fit the style of your image and your blog so take a gander at the fashioner’s style first.

Way #3: Webinars

It is a popular method to repurpose your content, drive more movement to your web page or more all, produce more leads and deals for your business.

You may have seen postings via web-based networking media to join an online class. Online classes are live workshops where individuals need to join to your rundown to access the instructional meeting – making them a fabulous rundown developer and lead era device.

At the point when used to create activity they are allowed to go to, can be community – a joint online class – and look into shows that advertisers rate online courses as one of the top powerful marketing systems.

Way #4: Videography

Online video keeps on developing in fame with web clients. Video is turning into a favored channel for clients and on the off chance that you need to catch this crowd you have to make a video or for this situation, videographics.

Videographics are fundamentally the same as infographics. A similar kind of substance will do well. Details finish with arrangements of how-to data will give watchers something they can do to enhance their lives.

Videographers are turning out to be more normal in the online business, yet they can even now be costly. It requires a considerable measure of a push to make a first class movement and it takes heaps of altering for a videographer to make the last form of the realistic.

YouTube is the greatest video group. Transfer your videographic to YouTube and share it with your social groups. Include the fitting title and labels to the video to make it simple for YouTube searchers to discover it.

Way #5: LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn opened up their distributing stage Pulse in mid-2014 to existing individuals which made a chance to advertise your business.

Numerous organizations utilize the Pulse as a place to repurpose their substance and take new movement back to their site.

It’s anything but difficult to set up. On your LinkedIn landing page, simply tap on Write an article. You’re then taken to the distributing stage where you can repurpose an old blog entry, bulletin, white paper, official statement, or whatever other kind of substance into a shareable article.

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