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Social Media Marketing: How relevant it is to modern business?

social media marketing

Since the birth of social media, businesses all around the globe have been trying hard to engage their audience in a meaningful way on social media. Many have succeeded and some have failed too. Social media marketing is usually inexpensive as compared to traditional methods but it is complex to measure the ROI.

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The world’s most popular social media platform Facebook has more than 1 billion users. Yep! 1 billion it is. Other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc are far behind Facebook but still offer great opportunities for businesses.


Social Media Marketing and Your Business

Just about everyone with access to Internet is on Social Media. The ease of use is simply commendable. It’s not only popular amongst the younger generation but most grand mas’ and grand dads are hooked up to it as well. Here you might think that marketing on Social Media would be a simple walk in the park. It might be the case for some businesses as they are naturally tuned to it. However, some businesses struggle to adapt to the more “casual” style of social media.

This probably is the biggest challenge most businesses face. They find it hard to adapt to the fast pace of social media marketing and fall to the trap of “not taking it seriously”. It is time for businesses of every sort to realize that social media marketing is here to stay. The sooner they realize it, the sooner they can hope to reap all the benefits of it.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls and turn your social media marketing campaign that add followers and can turn fly-by’ers into loyal customers then we urge you to read on…

Relevancy of social media

There is no doubt that no matter what business you have, social media is relevant! But it gets a little tricky here. It is easy to lose your originality on social media. Businesses (and even individuals) become something they are not, which can hurt in the longer run.

Afraid? Don’t be – here are five ways you can boost your performance on social media while keeping intact your originality.

#1. Get a laid-back style

People are crazy about social media not because they get bombarded with special offers, deal and discounts from businesses. They are there because the platform offers a nice, casual, laid-back style. So, “Chill Out!” Broadcasting your business is a part of the deal but needs to be aired sensibly.

Whatever message you’re conveying through social media just keep these three magical words in mind “entertain, educate, inform”. If you are following this, the rest will automatically follow.

#2. Visuals

Telling a story helps but it can do wonders if it has visuals. We mean pictures, pictures and some videos. The reason why we are emphasizing on pictures is that these are like bullets bound to hit the target. Not everyone is going to watch a video but if they are scrolling on your page they are guaranteed to glance at your pictures. So, fewer words combined with more pictures and occasional video is your secret recipe of social media success.

Having said that, one important aspect of visuals we often tend to overlook is the quality. It is better not to put any visuals on if they are of poor quality. You don’t have to be a super designer for creating stunning visuals. By making use of some of the online tools like “Canva” any one can create professional images and graphics.

#3. Respond

If it was not considered rude, we would have written the word “Respond” in all caps. Anyways, engagement with your audience on social media must be one of your top priorities. You need to talk back and for this you don’t need to be online 24/7 or hire a dedicated person. There are various apps available which can help you stay online and respond to comments, likes and feedback in real time.

#4. Spread the Word

In this current age of digitalization, people expect you to be on social media and they ate most likely to search you there. It is not a bad idea to let your customers know politely, which platform are you on. This can be done through receipts, emails, posters or simply word-of-mouth.

#5. Don’t miss on other opportunities

Facebook (and Twitter) is big but it is not the end of the world. There are many users of other platforms, which are not even on Facebook. Vine, Periscope, SnapChat, LinkedIn and others are worth a try even if you think your audience is not there. Exploring other networks when it comes to social media marketing can come with an opportunity to target new customers and market.


  1. George says:

    I like the advice on combining text with images in order to perform better on socials. Making the content eye/reader friendly will raise the awareness of a website among potential visitors/clients.

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