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Top 10 Facts for Better Content Strategy in 2015

The World that we live in today is connected by so many means and when we talk about being “connected”, it’s hard not to talk about the Internet. In this current age of connectivity and Internet, the marketing is “digital marketing”. This is what Tami Cannizzaro, Vice President, Marketing at IBM has to say about it,

Digital marketing is marketing and we are all digital marketers. Every tactic in marketing today has an element of digital, of instrumentation.

Digital world is full of changes, and content marketing is one of the things that is constantly evolving with the tastes of the people. It is getting stronger and has become the reason of what online world is today. These changes keep marketers busy all the time and they keep on finding latest methods of brand marketing.

There is a difference between marketing tactics of B2C and B2B companies. But the thing that counts at the end of the day is their sales figure. Here, content marketing plays the key role of driving prospects to the point where they have a choice to accept the brand and become the brand advocates of the business.

Considering the two important factors – Sales and customers’ taste, along with the in hand analysis from experts, successful businesses tend to project their success on the content marketing methods. On the other hand, there are some who are yet to make a shift from traditional methods.

Your content determines your goals

As a content marketer, your approach should be to create a purposeful content with the objective of promotion – or at least one core business goal. So, before posting, evaluate how the content will contribute to your business. Ask yourself:

  • Are you looking to add new leads to your email list?
  • Do you want it to raise brand awareness?
  • Do you want to look after your prospects while they’re in buying mood?
  • Do you intend to convert prospects into buyers?
  • Do you wish to up-sell or cross-sell, or retain your customers?
  • Are you looking to transform your customers into evangelists?

Content should be posted with these considerations. Otherwise, don’t prioritize such content. If this is what you’re looking for, these lines will show you which content you should prioritize according to your plan. By the end of this post, you will have a list of great content marketing ideas for your brand.

The objective of this article is to analyze the latest trends pertaining to content marketing, and help businesses make the right decision.

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TOP-5 Content Marketing Goals for B2B Companies

You might have different marketing goals for your business this year, but according to Infographics Designs Pro, these are the top 5 goals for most businesses.

1. 84% Have Brand Awareness as Their Primary Objective

With many new brands in the market today, creating awareness is one thing. But today, businesses also have to pay attention to maintain and improve the reputation of their brands through different content marketing tactics. According to the infographic, brand awareness has been right on the top with 84% votes. For instance, this Vodafone India ad makes a powerful impact on the viewers.


With only a few having worldwide acceptability, such as McDonalds, Nike, Adidas, Coke, Samsung and few more, still there is a lot of scope for different kinds of businesses to expand their reach via online marketing.

2. 83% Include Lead Generation in Their Content Strategy

With 83% votes, lead generation secures the second place in the list of content marketing goals. It is arguably the most widespread goal for businesses. Now, with a variety of digital marketing services knocking at your door, you have economical options to increase your customer base by keeping yourself within the skin.

This is especially true for services companies, such as banks, credit card companies, telecommunication networks, and other similar businesses. Even if you’re not in this list, appropriate content marketing will help you achieve the desired number of leads.

Marketo offers a comprehensive guide for content marketers to help them learn:

  • The potential of content marketing to generate quality leads at low cost
  • What are the biggest mistakes in the strategies of content marketers?
  • Planning content to generate leads
  • What is the importance of buyer personas and how to create them
  • Content mapping leading to buying stages
  • The importance of content for your lead generation

3. 81% Have Customer Engagement in Their Plan

81% content marketers have user engagement as their major goal. It’s all about interacting with your customers and encouraging them to share their experiences. If you have a strong strategy, you will improve the brand loyalty.

According to Natalie Chan,

“Businesses that focus on customers engagement are focused on value creation, not revenue extraction. These are businesses that know how to engage their customers by providing them with real value whether it be through an exceptional end-to-end customer experience, great content or strong customer support that are about delivering more than the traditional sell”

Make your customers feel you’re aware of what they need. Give them ear to listen and a voice to respond to their queries. While humanizing a brand is easier for B2C companies, B2B companies can also do it without trying too hard.

Every business has few passionate people who can actually be the best brand promoters. You can create opportunities for them and let them grow as thought leaders. They can blog on your website, guest blog on other websites. You can upload their video content, engage them in webinars and publish their e-books to promote your brand.

Office of Consumer Affairs, White House indicated that 80% U.S consumers are willing to pay more for a product that gives superior customer experience.

Daniel Bosomworth emphasizes on creating a content hub through blogging and utilizing social media platforms to reconnect with the customers. So, utilize your resources to bring that superior experience customers are looking for.

4. 75% Marketers Focus on Sales

Surprisingly, 75% content marketers include sales as their primary objective. But still, it is a quite a convincing percentage signifying that content should be sales oriented. Especially for small scale businesses, sales is the major objective.

How can you drive sales through content?

BuiltVisible published Richards Baxter’s article in which he says,

“Content” can do much more than build brand awareness though; it attracts interest, builds trust and ultimately, creates new customers”

Here’s what you can do to increase your sales

  • Increase content marketing budget

Initially, you have to revise your content marketing budget and see whether you can allocate a bigger amount. In 2014, 58% content marketers have increased their budgets for content marketing.

  • Free giveaways

If you keep on producing valuable content and offer it for free, your customers will be hooked. Identify the content your customers like to pay for. You can publish a free ebook, invite users in free webinars, and always offer new products on trial.

  • Make sure your content looks presentable

Presentable content makes good sales. Observe latest trends and identify what people like to see. It is important to find out what kind of content is being shared the most. Make sure you use latest media and information for a successful content dress up – something like this.


  • Create a list of best content.

Don’t forget to promote your featured content and make sure you come up with a list of 10. Top 10 lists always perform well on the Internet. So, the list will promote itself and your brand as well.

5. 74% Include Lead Nurturing in Content Marketing Strategy

Lead nurturing is the modern-day digital marketing term, defined as – the process of tracking down leads and developing them into sales-qualified leads. It means that they are ready to be worked on by the salesperson. Different businesses have different points to identify leads as sales-ready leads. Among top-5 content marketing goals, this term holds the 5th spot with 74%.

Brian Carol thinks that most content marketers find it really tough to nurture their leads because:

  • They don’t have enough content
  • They don’t have a plan for consistency

Here are some lead nurturing tips:

  • You can send dimensional mailers, posts, books, cards, personal letters, newsletters, white papers, press releases, event invitations, case studies, research reports, success stories, and other articles via direct mail to your prospects.
  • You can send blog posts, bylined article links, third-party article links, white papers, press releases, case studies, research reports, blogs, videos, podcast, e-newsletters, and similar content via email
  • You can promote your events via webinars, webcasts, videocasts, videos, e-books, microsites, multimedia, wikis.

Build your library of lead nurturing and reach out to your potential customers.

5 worthwhile stats about content marketing in 2015

Now, that you have some idea about which goals to choose in your content marketing planning, take a look at these interesting stats that indicate the present state of content marketing.

6. 53% Content Marketers Don’t Pay Attention to ROI

Isn’t it surprising to know that more than half of the content marketers don’t even consider whether they are getting the most out of their efforts? This is because most of them give more importance to trends rather than thinking about their brands.

It may well go against them by the end of this year if they keep on ignoring to measure their campaigns. No matter which content you produce – infographics, social media post or blog post, analyze the number of clicks, views, and shares. In this way, you can focus on one or make a planned shift from one type of content to another.

7. 40% Marketers Lack Defined Strategy for Content

This is like crossing the highway with eyes closed. The lack of defined content strategy will take you to nowhere unless you’re lucky!

A comprehensive content strategy has following characteristics:

  • It outlines your goals
  • It helps you measure ROI
  • It helps you identify the type of content for a particular sales funnel
  • It helps you target your leads, prospects, and existing customers.

A well-defined content strategy has a dual advantage:

  • It’ll help you expand your reach
  • It’ll help you convert leads into customers

This four-step strategy covers different types of content to be used in different stages of the sales process.


8. 80% Marketers Publish Content on Their Own Website

It is an open truth that only one platform is not enough to post a content. Most probably, you’ll be among those 80% who spend a lot of time creating a valuable piece, but don’t promote it effectively enough to a larger audience. This means you’re not utilizing the resources (social media, blogging and podcasting) effectively.

Concentrating on just one platform increased the probability of failure. On the other hand, if you promote your content regularly on other platforms, chances of failure diminish. You can ask other people to post your content on their websites. So, if you see people coming in to read or watch your content regularly, don’t hesitate to send them an email asking for a favor. They will most likely share your content because they will also be getting more views because of your post.

9. 76% Marketers Are in Favor of Giving Actionable Information

There has been a long debate on the nature of the content. According to some people, content marketing is all about entertainment and brand awareness. On the other hand, latest research indicated that marketers adopt ways to drive conversions. As mentioned above, content marketers should have a goal-oriented approach, the fact is – with more and more people entering the Internet, they search and share actionable information. The analysis of over 100 million articles indicated that people like to share top 10 list articles, most of which are tips and “DIY” posts.

The objective of content marketing has gone beyond entertainment and brand reach. Therefore, give as much information as possible.

10. 86% Planned to Spend More Time and Money on Content

That’s good news! Since businesses have realized the importance of content in increasing their revenues, they’re spending more time and money finding out unique ideas for content marketing. It is a great sign for digital marketing industry and the marketers as well, as they will have a more serious and focused approach towards brand promotion.


As a content marketer, your approach should be simple and realistic:

  • Stick to the basics and assess your content regularly
  • Make sure your content is aligned with your primary objective
  • Your should have a well-defined content strategy
  • And finally, the quality content should be promoted on different online channels to get maximum reach.

What do you think about the present condition of content marketing?

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