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Top 20 Most Popular WordPress Plugins – INFOGRAPHIC

WordCamp Nashik 2016

One of the best parts of WordPress website is that plugins can be easily installed on this site. With everything from font size to a customized sidebar, the best plugins can help you design the website as you want. WordPress plugins are miniature applications designed to improve the performance of the site and also to increase its compatibility.

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Different plugins are available to enhance the performance of your website. WordPress as a popular content marketing site itself offers many features, however, to make your website more noteworthy you can add plugins to it. Plugins provide a better visibility to your site by making it more customized.

Plugins will definitely help you to increase to your e-mail subscribers list since with the help of plugins it easy to add sign up options almost anywhere on your blog. Plugins are the crucial part of our WordPress blogs, and without them, you would spend whole time fixing up things and doing things by yourself.

Creating good content alone isn’t enough; you need to assure that it is easy for your readers to share the content because social sharing of these sites is too high which is a marketing tactics in recent times.

From SEO optimization to database management, plugins can easily handle and resolve all these issues. Besides improving site’s overall performance plugins also provide enhanced security to your site.

Often there is a confusion arises while choosing a right plugin for your website so to get the best plugin please take a look on below infographic which illustrates the top 20 WordPress plugins.


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