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Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Website

WordPress is getting popularity day by day because it offers thousands of options to the users and most of those options are FREE and professional. If you want to promote your new blog or website, then WordPress will help you simply by offerings the best plugins to promote your website.

What is a WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin is a simple script designed by developers to add the functionality of your blog or website. Plugins actually give a website owner more options and without expert knowledge of programming, managers can easily make small changes they need. With the help of these comments you don’t have to run to a developer to solve petty issues like spam avoidance or comments moderation. The best part is most of these plugins are free to download and use. For an average user there is a free WordPress plugin available for his every need.

WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Website

There are thousands of ways to promote blog but there are few techniques that work great to get the fastest result for the brand or even for your website. These strategies will help you bring more traffics as well as potential clients. If you want to apply those strategies, then you should adopt those tools as it will speed up the promotion your website and your website contents. Some of these plugins are best for the content marketers and some of these are best for the website owners. Here is the collection of top 5 WordPress Plugins to promote your website. These plugins will make your task easier.

#Number 5: SumoMe

If your website comes with a variety of valuable information, then it is a must for you to install this awesome plugin. It basically a list builder application. It offers a pop up window to the viewers. This pop up window is fully customizable. It will help you to build a list of email. This plugin can easily integrate with other email marketing tools. You will get a share application that comes with a sharper design. This share option will help to get more visitors.


Features of SumoMe

  • Easy integration with the WordPress themes
  • Total control over growth features
  • Highlights popular Twitter sections
  • Customizable subscribe box wording as well as colors
  • Offers Easy Twitter Sharing
  • Asynchronous loading to make your website speedy
  • Amazing email popup option
  • Works great with the social plugins

#Number 4: Pretty Link Lite

Pretty link is one of the awesome WordPress plugins to promote your business. It will help you to share the URLs of your contents from the website and it also enables to shrink. This plugin will also help you to create short links. This plugin is very effective for masking affiliate links. It helps to point website visitors to other pages. For example, if you want to promote any of your product from other site, then this plugin will help to redirect your customers to that site. This plugin is easily compatible up to the version of 4.0.1.

pretty link

Features of Pretty Link Lite

  • Helps to redirect to other URL
  • Helps to tracks the total number of hits
  • Help to view click details like remote host, ip address, browser, operating system as well as referring site
  • Helps to pass custom parameters to the scripts
  • Offers to create simple and clean URLs on the website
  • Helps to generates random slugs for URL
  • Provides reporting interface
  • Helps to download hit details

#Number 3: Google Analytics Dashboard

This plugin will help you to add Google Analytics to your dashboard and this is a must have tool if you are serious about blogging. It will help you to analyze as well as track your traffic. It will develop your promotion strategies. Before you use this plugin you will also have to install Google Analytics.


Features of Google Analytics Dashboard

  • Comes with an user access level for the Backend statistics as well as analytics reports
  • Comes with great option to display the statistics of Google Analytics on frontend
  • Helps to link account for Google AdSense
  • Excludes traffic based on the roles of user
  • Offers options to exclude event tracking
  • Offers an option to display the overall Traffic Overview in the Pie Charts
  • Best Frontend analytics for data and also reports
  • Support localization
  • Sampling rate customization
  • Tracks events feature like emails, outbound links and track download

#Number 2: Yoast WordPress SEO

If you want to make your search engine optimization easier, then you have to install Yoast Plugin. It will make your each blog post SEO friendly. It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins to promote your website. It offers an easy to use interface that help you to get higher rank on google. It has been already downloaded more than 14,000,000 times just because it is one of the best plugins!


Features of Yoast WordPress SEO

  • Helps to write better content
  • Comes with a signal that helps to users to know the SEO condition of a content
  • Gives the users possible recommendations
  • Analyze the pages
  • Enables pretty permalinks
  • Custom taxonomy archives
  • Helps to write Meta description
  • Automatically insert and optimize the Meta tag

#Number 1: MailChimp for WordPress

Helps to building the mailing list to build engagement with the readers. Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing products. This WordPress plugin will enable you to embed sign up form on the blog of your WordPress blog. When you will be able to build the list of email, it will also help you to send your products or even contents.

WordPress › MailChimp for WordPress « WordPress Plugins

Feature of MailChimp

  • Very simple to use
  • Easily Customizable.
  • Comes with beautiful theme

Bottom Line: All these top 5 WordPress Plugins to promote your blog will help you to make your site professional. Make your experience better with these awesome plugins.


  1. KWS Adams says:

    Thank you. WordPress analytics dashboard is awesome. Yes, real time stats for my blog. Huh..

  2. Charlie says:

    Great article, I’ve heard Yoast is great so will download that for sure. I’ve been trying to add GA but my WordPress is saying that I can’t as I’m on the free version. Is that correct?

  3. Taylor Minaj says:

    Nice list of plugins. I personally use SumoMe plugin and it really helps adding a welcome mat, sharing buttons and image sharing etc.

  4. Amy says:

    WP chat is also another must have plugin for business owners or for those in need of a live chat plugin. This plugin is free and simple to follow.

  5. jahan says:

    You can also visit DevriX shop for more useful WP plugins 🙂

  6. April says:

    Nice set of plugins, can anyone tell me a good plugin for image slider.

    I used but I need some more features.


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