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How to Use Marketing Videos to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Here is the deal: video is the future of content. Videos are perceived as far more engaging than text or images. This is why video plays a major role in increasing traffic and ultimately increasing conversions. Video content can be diversified so long as you achieve your desired purpose. This type of content requires a lot of work but in the end, the return is worth it. Marketers who are prepared for the future know that video is extremely important. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Show your product or service

If your business sells a product or service the first video you can create is about the product. According to Inovodo, marketers who have used videos for promotions increase revenue 49% faster as compared with those who do not utilize videos. Also, a customer is 80% more likely to buy a product that has an associated video too. This is why you will see that so many products on Amazon have videos too.

This video basically walks the audience through the product or service. Think of a salesman showing a product inside out to a customer. Similarly, the video will talk about the product and show it from different angles. It does not really have to be a video it could be a moving film of images too.

2. Create a video about a process

A lot of people appreciate videos that provide them something of value or teaches them something. These are often dubbed as How To videos which show how to do something. It is a smart way to gauge the interest of the audience by solving their problem and also promoting your own product. This could literally be anything related to your product. For instance, a shoe store could use a video about how to clean suede shoes. You can even show a video about how a product is made. If you have customized products then this sort of video works better to show the customer the process behind the product.

How do these drive traffic? Search engines like Google in particular show videos in search results. So anyone searching for a problem you made a video for could very well arrive on your web page. For this, you should write a good meta description with right keywords so your video content is optimized for searches.

3. Testimonials

Nothing speaks more to a customer than a testimonial or a social proof and if you make a video about it then the effect is two times more influential. You can have existing loyal customers talk about the product and how it is different from others like it or how it helped them. If you have any celebrity endorsements then utilize those. This can be as simple as you like so as to spend as little as possible but make sure the message is clear and relevant.

If this sort of thing is out of your budget, perhaps you can have customers send you videos as reviews and then compile those videos in one to put up on your site. People respond well to a face so adding testimonials from actual clients is a great way to develop the interest of the audience.

4. Answer Questions For Better Video Marketing

Instead of having a humdrum text-based FAQ why not add a video too? This would be fun and informative and again adds the human interaction element. You could have anyone from your business answer the most frequently asked questions from your customers. This will act as an extension to the FAQ text section.

This type of video will appear in search results of the questions asked in the FAQ section of your website, therefore, directing potential customers to FAQ page and finally to your conversion page. It is a great way to provide quality customer support on your website.

5. Video Ads

Of course, the good old video ads are still very much relevant and have massive potential for driving traffic. This works out even better if you have a catchy advertisement. With Facebook sponsored ads it is all the easier to share the advertisements with thousands of people. Your video advertisement can run on other websites, search engines and social media like Facebook, Instagram and of course YouTube. This is the best way to attract more customers and promote your business. This is an expensive option but nevertheless, a tried and tested way with high success rates.

6. Share videos on social media

You can drive traffic from any kind of video even if it is not yours. You can share videos on your page on Facebook or tweet about them. Part of the equation is staying in sight and increasing engagement so if the video content you are sharing is any good, people will come to your page again and again. This automatically increases the traffic as social media acts as a bridge. Now there are so many videos being uploaded and shared on social media every second. It can be considered a secondary way to keep the traffic coming in addition to some of the tactics described above.


Videos are more powerful than you think in terms of engagement. Experts say that a large part of the internet traffic will be driven by videos only in the future. This prediction only reinforces the strength in video marketing and the data proves it. Videos on Facebook now get millions of hits within hours. In fact, most of your news feed would comprise of videos. So the best way is to use this medium for increasing traffic to your site. You can showcase your business or a testimonial or run ads. The great thing is there is so much room for creativity here that you can try a lot of different things. Social media is going to play an important role and act as a catalyst for the promotion of your videos so keep that in mind as well.

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