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Will I Receive Complete Access to My Website?

Short answer: Yes.

We hate locking customers in with software or infrastructure. This is one of the reasons why we provide WordPress services, since WordPress is an Open Source platform and you will have 100% transparent access to our codebase – everything from the WordPress Core through 3rd party libraries we use and all of the custom plugins that we will develop in order to build your technical solution.

In addition to that we will ask you to purchase everything needed for the project to launch successfully. This includes: hosting accounts, domain name, licenses to specific 3rd party software in your business niche (broker or trader services, automotive catalogs, Adobe DPS licenses) so that you can cancel them at any time if you wouldn’t like to pay extra ongoing fees.

We can handle everything for you so that you don’t spend extra time exploring new services and looking for hidden gotchas, but at the very least we will ask you to create your own accounts requiring payment information. Specific licenses such as MailChimp accounts can be registered by our team and handed to you once the development is completed, so that you can configure the quota or purchase premium add-ons as you see fit.

Our team of WordPress developers will guide you through the process and consult you on best practices and the best solutions tailored to your business needs. However, you will own the keys to everything. Our agency builds technical solutions in the long run and we would be happy to sign an ongoing retainer or maintenance plan and continue building your solution, but can always hire a consultant for a code review or business consulting who will be able to access the entire infrastructure and prepare an assessment.

There are only two requirements we have for access to your services and hosting:

  1. We may need complete access that would help us to set up the server environment, monitoring tools or other scanners required for deployment and capabilities. A limited environment may not suffice, or may cost a lot extra due to delays. Additionally, a limited access often results in a slower environment and higher hosting costs at the end.
  2. Our team cannot collaborate with your technical staff for the same code base. We follow the WordPress Coding Standards and a specific reliable development process that needs to be consistent across the project. Extra features introduced by you or your team may result to incompatibility or regressions during the development process and we won’t be responsible for that.

If you are interested in discussing your project with us, check out our Services or Contact us directly.

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