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Tutorial Category: Ask Your Agency

Questions that you need to ask your agency

Will I Receive Complete Access to My Website?

Short answer: Yes. We hate locking customers in with software or infrastructure. This is one of the reasons why we provide WordPress services, since WordPress is an Open Source platform and you will have 100% transparent access to our codebase – everything from the WordPress Core through 3rd party libraries we use and all of Read More

How Do You Manage the WordPress Project Development?

The majority of our WordPress development projects fall in one of the three categories: WordPress SaaS/Multisite Development Large WordPress Website Development Extensible WordPress plugin/framework Development WordPress SaaS/Multisite Development Our WordPress SaaS and Multisite development projects require the largest number of server and development environment customizations and initial time for setup. Our code is on GitHub or Read More

Will My Website Be Mobile-Friendly?

Our web solutions are responsive and we do test on mobile devices as well. That said, your website will be available for desktop systems, tablets, and mobile phones and the presentation layer will be optimized for easier readability on different screen sizes.

What Access Do I Get to My Website?

While purchasing a WordPress web solution, you need to identify the required features and the access level of your website. Some WordPress agencies can try to lock you in by providing a limited access to your website and no access to your code base. Other companies could leverage the WordPress Multisite feature and add your new website to Read More

Can You Work Within My Budget?

Occasionally we are approached by customers looking for WordPress development services who have a set budget or have researched other offers before reaching out to us. Since our pricing model is a combination between hourly cost and value, our end goal is providing the best quality possible within a reasonable cost. So this is how Read More

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