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Reviewing WordPress resources and solutions for business owners and SME websites

9 Toolbars That Will Save Your Time on SEO in 2017

Talking about SEO, I would like to underline that this process always takes lots of time. That’s why every marketer or businessman who does SEO needs a time-saving solution. After years of development, progress has brought such a wonderful technical invention for browsers as a toolbar. For those newbies who don’t actually know what a Read More

Why We Love Visme at DevriX

Data itself is a boring word, really! Having said that, we can’t ignore the importance of it, no matter what field of life it is. For the business world, data is important for making strategies, setting goals and making important business decisions. In today’s highly competitive market, the correct and timely use of data is Read More

10+ WordPress Plugins That Will Help You Convert More

Being the WordPress contributor for so many years, DevriX has worked on and launched a number of paid and free plugins for different purposes. From adding attractive web page elements to setting up dynamic dashboards and sales CRM, you can count on Team DevriX to make your website more functional, interactive and engaging. The only Read More

Learn the Power of SASS over Traditional CSS

It is the perfect time to invest some energy concocting a procedure and doing some foundation to verify we are organizing versatile and viable CSS. With the capable highlights that SASS brings to the table, and with a sound information and involvement in coding CSS, we are ready to go! Related: Why Do Big Companies Read More

WordPress Vs Drupal – Who is the winner?

An old debate continues till today; which is the best content management system to be used? Drupal vs. WordPress is a common question that small and medium enterprises refer to after reviewing the common development alternatives on the market. The answer to that is not just a one liner but a thorough analysis that would help Read More

good documentations

Secrets to Make Good Documentations for Web Developers

Great documentation is difficult to compose. There are various structures in which documents can take for example, exceptionally broad or high-state diagrams, regulated walkthroughs, or auto-created records. Add this to different clients who may require your documentation – their diverse needs, learning styles, technical expertise – and you will presumably discover there is truly no Read More

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