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Why Work with Us?

Let’s face it – there are thousands and thousands of web development companies out there. Picking the right one is close to impossible, so we will share our vision with you. Whether we are the right fit for your business, it’s up to you. Also, check out our FAQ page.

We Are Real People!


There are far too many teams hidden behind a business website offering services. No faces, no real identities. Incognito “experts” selling services at bulk.

We are no longer in the IRC era, where text-based chat allowed us to communicate to each other with nicknames and virtual identities. We are real people, and we love helping businesses grow with technical, creative, business and marketing know-how. Even if we are a distributed agency and work remotely, scheduling a video call is a no-brainer, so get in touch and share your business vision with us.

WordPress Community

WordPress is our framework that we use for building large websites, SaaS solutions, CRM and financial tools. We focus on WordPress development and we are proud of that. And we help the WordPress community, sharing our knowledge and tools, learning more about the WordPress CMS every single day.

How exactly do we contribute back?

  • We contribute back to the WordPress Core – over 40 patches by 3 of our contributors made WordPress better for tens of millions of websites out there thanks to our team effort
  • Our speakers presented at more than 10 WordCamps in Europe and the US
  • We have built dozens of plugins and themes available for free
  • Three of our guys review WordPress themes
  • We have contributed to major plugins and tools in the WordPress community, too
  • Stanko is part of the reviewers team
  • We help users by providing support in the support forums

When we take on a project, we build it by the standards. We give back, help others, and improve WordPress altogether.

Open Process

Our work process and Pricing strategy are open. We charge $70-$90/hr for maintenance, retainer work or large projects and produce high-quality WordPress solutions.

We are honest about our pricing and we charge based on our effort. Quality work costs more, and we are ready to commit to adhering to the standards.

Business and Marketing Consulting

We perform best as a technical backbone to any business. But over the years we have learned a lot about business strategy, growth planning and lead generation. We have built marketing tools and analyzed user behavior for different niches.

We will help you build a sustainable growth strategy that converts visitors to customers. We measure, optimize and relaunch, iterate over the process until we get better results. Numbers don’t lie. Our planning will follow inbound marketing tactics to increase your traffic, engage your customers and build your brand online.

Technical Background

Unlike many freelancers and agencies out there, we come from the enterprise world. We have experience with bank applications, telecoms and large food chains, building their online solutions, intranets, CRMs or invoicing tools.

Our team has programmed in Java, C#, Python, and we were software engineers before we transition to WordPress. What most agencies out there miss is the high quality, secure and fast code. We follow the industry standards, optimize and monitor the server infrastructure. We test in different technical environments and assess the benefits of each one, and will apply it to your project as well.

Project Management

We are agile and we report on weekly iterations. Our technical team uses Git for version control and Capistrano for automated deployment. We can incorporate unit testing frameworks for your codebase, continuous integration or other automated scripts aggregating and analyzing data, or a stats engine for your user-based data.

Each project has a dedicated project manager dealing with the process requirements, the business needs and the technical challenges that we can face.

Let us know what you need – just contact us and tell us what would you like to achieve with your business.

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