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6 Ways to Improve Your Omnichannel Ecommerce Strategy

Today’s consumers use a variety of channels to interact with businesses, and they usually use them simultaneously. People often begin browsing online on their phones. Then they may go to a brand’s social media account or check the reviews page on their website to see what others have to say. They may return to the Read More

Omnichannel Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Marketing approaches are changing, and consumers are becoming more and more connected. Above all, consumers expect convenience and a seamless experience across each channel, and smart brands know how to build experiences that match the customer’s needs. This is where omnichannel marketing steps in. It’s an all-round customer experience executed through various communication channels and Read More

Top 4 Word of Mouth Marketing Channels in Digital Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest and most influential type of advertising out there. People trust their peers’ recommendations because they are based on personal experience and save them the exhausting trial-and-error process of exploring the world themselves. In the past, the word-of-mouth information was passed on in-person and would spread only amongst the circle of Read More

The 5 Marketing Challenges of 2019 and How to Conquer Them

New year, new challenges! Every year brings its own trials and opportunities in the marketing world, and 2019 will not be an exception. As marketing trends come and go, and as businesses use various marketing techniques to attract the customer base, one has to contemplate on how to navigate in the ever-changing marketing world. This Read More

What Is a Growth Share Matrix and How to Use It in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Strategies are changing, some channels that used to work well for us, start to lose their significance, and new platforms take their place. To stay on top of this game of ever-shifting priorities, marketers have to be able to evaluate the performance of every channel they are using to communicate Read More

Navigating the Customer Journey By Creating Customer Journey Maps

Your customers are the heart and soul of your sales and marketing efforts and time spent trying to get to know them better is never time wasted. Learning what drives the people behind the personas and what their pain points are is crucial for the success of your business. And, as the saying goes, to Read More

How to Grow Revenue with Pipeline Marketing

Every business wants to generate more leads. More leads means more sales opportunities, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. A marketing team can generate hundreds of leads over a set period, but in the end, sales might manage to turn only a fistful of them into clients. The problem with the mass approach Read More

How to Choose Between the Push and Pull Strategy in Marketing

In marketing, there are many different strategies that you can explore when pursuing your goals. You can build PPC campaigns, work on your SEO, invest in outdoor advertising, delve into content marketing, send emails, distribute flyers, even hire a mascot! However, regardless of whether we are talking about digital or traditional tactics, all of these Read More

The Evolution of Content Marketing: Then, Now and Ahead

Over the decades, content marketing has gone through quite an evolution. It has taken many forms through various mediums, but its main components – clear objectives, a great understanding of your target audience, and a strong promotional strategy, are and will always remain unchanged. Content creation is an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming endeavor. It’s a Read More

5 SaaS Affiliate Programs to Leverage in 2021

The SaaS business market is growing fast and there are constantly new companies stepping onto the scene with innovative solutions. This dynamic environment creates new lucrative opportunities for cross-industry collaborations such as the SaaS affiliate marketing programs. The subscription-based nature of SaaS companies makes affiliate partnerships a compelling marketing niche that can generate substantial profits Read More

Brand Experience: A Comprehensive Guide

In a marketplace flooded by companies selling the same thing in different packaging, brand experience is what makes all the difference to the customer. Brands that deliver additional value along with their products, going beyond their features and functionality, are the ones who can retain the audience’s attention and earn their loyalty. What Is Brand Read More

Social Listening Made Easy: Best Tips and Tools to Use

Building a strong online presence and following are must-haves for any successful digital marketing strategy. People are constantly online sharing photos on Facebook, posting stories on Instagram, twitting their thoughts on Twitter, and showing off their professional accomplishments on LinkedIn. So, to build a great brand image and strengthen your customer relationship, you need to Read More