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Adriana Dikancheva

Nice to e-meet you, guys! My name is Adriana and my first nickname was “Hope”. Probably because I was born and raised in that neighborhood in Sofia or just because hope is the last thing that popped up out of Pandora’s box and just fixed everything 😛
Some years ago we had a family business – a small children’s club and that’s the time when I felt deeply in love with dealing with problems and “getting shit done”. I’m a huge fan of Charles Bukowski, Amelie Poulain and Akita Inu – not in that order because dogs are better than everything.

In this field of developers, I believe there is a huge space for a full-stack optimist like me who is so passionate about social media and podcasts. A love board games and that’s why in 2016 I found myself involved in the organization of the first Sofia Game Night – a one-night event which involves a lot of board game, VR and coding clubs. One of the last projects that I’m really proud of is organizing a European tour of a rock band! We had 9 days in 5 cities and that happened just before the first lockdown in 2020 so I’m from the few people that traveled that year.