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Aleks Ganev

Hi! I’m Aleks and I’m new to the DevriX team.

Ever since my father got me my first computer when I was 7-ish years old I fell in love with computers and technology. And here I am 13 years later chasing my dream of becoming a senior developer. I love seeing technology progress and I love making working applications out of nothing.

I’m currently 20 years old. I live with my girlfriend and our cat, Stollen. My hobbies are collecting knives, collecting decks of cards and doing (really bad) magic tricks, going to the gym and playing video games. I’m very competitive and I really don’t enjoy losing. I love going out with friends, eating döners, smoking shishas and drinking frappés.

Every day I try to improve myself in some way. That could mean learning something new, improving upon some skills, going to the gym, doing calisthenics, socialising (but not too much), improving my alcohol tolerance etc.




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