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Dian Tankov

Hi, I am Dido! 🙂

Thank you for your interest to learn more about me!

I joined DevriX team to become Marketing Relations Manager. I love meeting new people and I will be happy if you want to contact me (feel free to use any of my social channels or my email).

Now a little bit about me.

Well, let’s start with professional experience and skills. I graduated marketing in university and then worked 3 years and a half as a marketing specialist. I managed partnerships, organized events participation, took care of some digital marketing features, etc. During this period I developed my communication skills a lot, I became better team player and learned a lot of IT related stuff.

Me and WordPress:

I like WordPress a lot! The platform, the community, the entire concept behind it. I’ve been to several local and international WordCamps and meetups and get to know some really interesting people. I am excited to contribute the community with everything I can. 🙂

As a person I am energetic, motivated always eager to learn new things. I strive to do things perfect and efficient. However, if something doesn’t happen how I imagined it, I strive not to feel bad about it and just try new approach. I believe everything is possible, some things just require more efforts to be achieved.

I have various interests and hobbies. I love sports, cinema, music, history, driving, cooking, traveling, hiking and doing crazy fun stuff. I play football, volleyball, ride bicycle, swim, jog.

Well, this is shortly about me. Feel free to reach me. 🙂