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Dimitar Dimitrov

My name is Dimitar Dimitrov.
I graduated in telecommunications and started working at 19 as a sales consultant. After a while, I was made deputy manager responsible for a staff of 40 people. The last position I held, before joining the DevriX family, was as a Product Manager at a large retail company.

Fortunate to become part of the DevriX team, where I managed to develop my programming skills, I learned an awful lot of new things related not only to WordPress. Nowadays, I can boast of a lot of new knowledge related to PHP, JavaScript (React, VueJS), AWS, Google BigQuery, SocketIO, and a lot of other interesting things that we have encountered during this time. A huge plus of working in a company like DevriX are the challenges you take on, which teach you the above-mentioned.

During my free time – I love to spend it with my family and give myself entirely to my little daughter, Anna. When I have spare time for other things, I love photography – astrophotography and macro photography, traveling. Also – fast cars(especially the V8 engines). I love reading books, and one of my favorite authors is James Rollins!