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Irena Ivanova

Project Coordinator

Hey there! My name is Irena (Reni) and I am a Project Coordinator here at DevriX.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication, I love learning foreign languages ​​because of the emotion that each nation brings with its culture, while the Spanish language and the Hispanic world stole my heart from an early age. I also speak Romanian language as a result of my life as a student in Bucharest and my long ties to the country. I have a passion for drawing, sales, negotiation, astrology, and Tarot, and recently I am experiencing new exciting moments related to aerial acrobatics. All of this is an important part of my life and helps me build myself into the complex person I’ve always recognized myself to be.

Given all the above mentioned, I ended up here at the company after being in search of something new and DevriX became my next challenge. What excites me the most is the dynamics in the industry and the opportunities for development in more than one direction. Last but not least, I should say that DevriX is a small community that creates the feeling of a family and the success of one is perceived as the success of all together. This is worth all the effort!

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