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Ivan Mudrik


Hi, my first programming experience was creating a program on Pascal that shows the next day after user input. It has rocked my world.

I tried to think how it could be implemented, but I couldn’t. So a day later I went to my university and saw the complete one built. I looked at the code and everything came to right place. I wrote my code, and it’s worked great, displaying dates after new year and greeting the user with that message.

I built software in Turbo Pascal (text editors, engineer calculator), C++ (some general coding), C# (yacht club management system).

Web development — PHP core coding, CodeIgniter (web platform with custom authentication), WordPress (booking plug-in, plug-in for “subscribe to play”, product filtering plug-in ), JavaScript/jQuery, complex AJAX functionality, Ractiv.js, HTML/CSS.

My goals as a developer is exploring new things and improving my skills.