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Miroslava Ilcheva

Hey, hey – ’names Mira. I’m a Creative Artist here at DevriX.
Short story: I’m a digital artist who has been drawing my whole life. 

As for the long story: Ever since I can remember, my teachers and classmates told me that drawing was my ‘talent,’ which motivated me to keep practicing. At around the age of 15, I discovered digital art – it naturally led me to experiment a lot with Photoshop, among other drawing software. I spent most of my free time drawing and in the last years of high school, I had to face the fact that I loved it too much not to pursue it as a career. After graduation, I took on all sorts of odd freelance jobs making animation, game art, promotional illustrations, and taking overall commissions. A year later, I ended up choosing animation here at New Bulgarian University. Over time, my focus became more and more centered around applying my skills to good use in a professional environment – and that’s where DevriX comes in. 

Apart from that – in my free time I catch up on video games, movies, reading, and generally finding new and fulfilling interests.