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Mladen Tonchev

Hi there, I’m Mladen Tonchev, graduate Software Technologies and Design at Plovdiv University.
I specialized in software technology, building web sites and web applications and I have interesting much more in back-end instead of front-end development.
I love what I’m doing and I like to understand how things are working,
strive to invent and create new unique ideas or to upgrade already existing to better.

I don’t play games, because when I play I want to win and when I lose I get sad and angry,
оtherwise, many many years ago when still playing, my favorite games were Counter-Strike, Dota and Lineage!

In my free time, I training both my mind and my body, go out with friends and etc.
I try to eat healthily and properly.
I read eastern literature and books about personal development and business.
One of the slogans that I follow is: “What’s the point of doing what you love if you aren’t the best.”