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Nikolay Hristov

Nikolay Hristov here! A passionate developer with more then 15 years experience. Within the past few years I’ve been successfully building teams and leaders. Some of the more interesting things that I have been working on throughout the years would be an anti-fraud system payment in Node, a fingerprint authentication security system, advanced performance monitoring and more. In fact, there are a lot of buzz words that can be listed like PIXI, CRN, DXT1/DXT5 and the like, but I will keep short for sanity’s sake.

On a more personal note, my hobbies span across various fields like photography, psychology, philosophy or just biking and travelling by car. But surely, exploring IoT (Internet of Things) doesn’t stay behind 🙂 In addition I am quite the fan of table and court tennis, Optical character recognition and Artificial neural network to name a few. Hitting some diversity points here! That is just who I am, placing a thin line between hobbies and work. If you want to know me better, you can contact me in any of the social networks, linked above.