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Radostina Tsvetkova

Product Manager

Hey there! I am Radostina Tsvetkova, a Product Manager at DevriX. I’ve rocked the sales, marketing and business development stage in the past 15 years, working almost entirely in the B2B sector. I’m an automation maniac. No matter if we are talking about automation tools and technology or channeling work processes and communications, my focus is on speed, quality, efficiency and ROI. Finding ways for our team and our clients to see meaningful results, while spending less time and money, is a daily challenge that drives me to give my very best and innovate.

I split my time between following digital marketing, business and technology trends and spending time with my family. I love mountain hiking, offroad driving, escape rooms, paintball and dancing. I absolutely adore reading a nice book at the end of the day or listening to one in the car.

I am a huge WordPress fan. As a marketer, I cannot think of a better CMS that can do wonders for your efficiency and growth in the long run. WordPress-based web solutions ensure your website’s availability and performance, while giving you the freedom to quickly implement new ideas, even crazy at times. Along with the entire DevriX team, we are devoted to helping and improving the WordPress ecosystem, ensuring growth for the community and our own projects.

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