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Radostina Tsvetkova

Product Manager

Hi, folks, this is Radost and I’m currently managing the product team for one of our media, entertainment and eCommerce partners.

The most fulfilling part of my job is inspiring the product team of engineers and designers to brainstorm what outcomes mean success to us, what behaviors will move the metrics we need to move, and finding ways to do it.

As the popular saying goes, customers do not do what they say they do. They usually say they do things they believe they are doing. Or say they want things they believe they should be wanting. But that is often far from reality.

Discovering what end and internal customers really need is a continuous process. We work with stakeholders to make sure we continuously deliver value in small iterations, enabling them to communicate ideas, vital information and limitations timely and effectively.

We R&D newer and newer ways to track, QA, automate and analyze tons of data with the team data engineers. This helps us keep our pulse on what end users might need, and in turn test assumptions that could mitigate or decrease risks.

Personally, I’m highly interested in the new science of health, in psychology, and in behavioral studies. I love moving, hiking, music, the exhilaration of mastering new skills, playing board or online games with my family, and devouring hard-copy or audio books.

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