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Ralitsa Ivanova

Hey, my name’s Rali and I’m one of the newcomers within the joyful DevriX family. My career profile has been closely tied to payments and financial industries for roughly 10 years now. I’ve ventured on different roles including establishing and developing small-sized operations in a progressive and aspiring fashion to name but a few. I’ve always did my job with a great sense of curiosity, attentive and analytical thinking which has essentially shaped inside me the mindset of a project manager – the one who’s constantly networking, managing tight communication, reorganizing to adopt the most suitable approach along the development of a business line and deliver a successful unique product or service.

Outside the office once in a while I manage to do my home-alone retreats with Tibetan vibes and 20century European cinema art. I just adore Fassbinder and Varda as directors and artists; love my ski and my bike, but I’m mostly preoccupied with family photography pursuits over the weekends.