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Rossie Vicheva

Hi from Rossie Vicheva, Digital Marketing Coordinator at DevriX.

I am a marketing professional and a PhD in Communications with over 15 years’ digital experience in creative online campaigns, internet business development, UX solutions and WordPress design.

I joined Team DevriX in 2018 to indulge in my passion for content creation and inbound marketing. Now I focus on conversion tools, CTAs and interactive solutions, based on data. Also, I have the opportunity to work on inbound strategies and UX solutions for our multinational clients.

In my professional life, there have been a couple of cornerstones: Internet and WordPress. Internet was a game changer for business. In 2004 I also turned “from bricks to clicks”, leaving a real estate career to join the digital world. That move unlocked my creative powers and I reinvented marketing – all you needed to be was smart, curious, brave and creative to achieve global reach and become influential.

WordPress was the other game changer – for website design, online business development and me personally. I discovered WordPress in 2006 as a blogger and since then, I have grown into a WP website designer, true enthusiast and devoted contributor.

I fully identify with the WordPress philosophy of shared open-source resources, constant learning and improvement, and global contribution. I am glad to be part of Team DevriX as we share the same values and approach to marketing and online business. We believe WordPress is one of the very few Internet phenomena with positive global impact and we are devoted to bringing success for all our clients 24/7.

In my free time I love dancing – from classical ballet to jazz, swing and hip-hop. Also, reading and writing – I am very much interested in storytelling and gamification. Plus I have a passion for intelligent and inspirational movies and live music.