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Vasil Dimchev

My name is Vasil Dimchev. I am a Project Manager at DevriX.

I have graduated with a Master’s degree in Commercial Business at the University of Economics – Varna and since then my career was always related in this field. Before 4 years I started to experiment with my job positions because I wanted to develop my skills in various fields.

Before joining DevriX I mostly worked in high-tech start-up companies as a sales representative, Brand Manager, Business Development Specialist, Operations Manager, General Analysis, which give me an incredible start in my career and lit my passion for always seeking a new field of self-development

During this period I developed my communication skills, presentation skills, ability to see the high-end goal “the bigger picture”, agile personal approach to problem-solving, I became a better team player and learned a lot of IT related stuff.

At DevriX I am managing projects or in other words, I am balancing between people and projects.

I have various interests and hobbies. I love sports, reading books, traveling with my girlfriend, fixing broken things, driving, hiking, swimming

Feel free to reach me at any time 🙂