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Career Show 2023

5 Oct 2023

Arena Armeec

6 Oct 2023


About the Event

Career Show 2023 connects top employers with thousands of qualified talents.

The program includes presentations and workshops with experts in various fields and industries. Come and join us for useful tips and practices for career and personal development.

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DevriX at Career Show 2023

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* Your data is safe with us. Read our Privacy Policy for more information on how we use your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we allow working remotely?

DevriX is an agency and working with clients can be very demanding and quite dynamic. Our business model requires frequent unplanned syncs with members from different departments and this has proven to be quicker and way more effective while we are all at the same place. Plus, we value the live contact and enjoy communicating in person with one another. Thus, we are advocates for working from the office.

What are the working hours?

While there is some flexibility in the time an employee can begin his working day, the hours between 11 AM and 8 PM are the most active part of the day. Many of our clients are in a different time zone, and we strive for starting later to the standard local hours to cover their working day and be available for communication, emergencies, etc.

How is the company structured into teams and how big are they?

DevriX is a software company with team of 30+ engineers. The main service we provide is technical development, thus we have a Back-end, Front-end, as well as a Full-stack team, working with React. The quality of the service we provide is of utmost importance, hence we have a QA team, testing each piece of code before it goes to production. To ensure smooth work processes and effective organization and resource allocation we have a Project Managment team. Besides our supportive administrative units, we also have a Marketing department of Content Writers, Graphic Designers, Events Organizer, and a Growth Marketer, who are focused on popularizing the DevriX brand among clients and potential job applicants.

What communication tools do we use?

In addition to the live communication and regular meetings at the office, we use Asana as a project management tool for pushing forward tasks that require the assistance of members from different departments. For internal communication, we use Slack and E-mail, as well as Zoom for calls mainly with clients.

DevriX is a distributed European company based in Bulgaria that collaborates with talented experts all over the world. Ask us company-related or job opportunities questions via the contact form below. We will make sure to answer all of them during the event where you can meet us via the Hopin virtual booth.