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Mission Statement

DevriX bridges the gap between WordPress and the enterprise world. With the ever-growing market share of the Open Source CMS and the lack of talent to develop and maintain enterprise-grade solutions amassing hundreds of millions of views, we set the foundations for success while helping build the next generation of Internet standards.

We bought into WordPress back when merely 10% of the web was powered by the Open Source platform. Nowadays, over 41% of the web is running on top of WordPress. Matt Mullenweg, one of the co-founders of the CMS, has referred to the platform as “an operating system for the web” – and we believe in democratizing publishing around the world, providing opportunities both for 3rd world countries and the enterprise sector, investing in open source because “sharing is caring”, inventing the next generation of the web, and having geek-level fun while giving back to the community.

DevriX coined “WordPress retainers” in 2015 as the truly sustainable business model that the modern web needs. We build on top of the existing models of one-off waterfall projects, renting people from outsourcing agencies, or providing basic maintenance and support services. WordPress retainers take the best of all worlds and provide strong business and technical units internally taking care of everything a digital business needs – from design and branding through hardcore WordPress, PHP, and React engineering, to marketing and business consulting solutions, as a true long-term technology partner for Fortune 1000 companies, some of the largest publishers online, fast-paced startups, and SMEs.

We keep pushing in the same direction through bleeding-edge technical solutions, creative marketing and branding approaches, and in-house business consulting solutions that drive our partners forward. Our retainers are purely ROI-oriented, and our #1 goal is providing 10x value by growing revenue, decreasing costs, automating tedious tasks, connecting data points together for visibility and planning. DevriX does that through delivering services for our long-term partners, building internal tools for better performance and stability, and growing SaaS solutions (being a part of our product portfolio).

At the business forefront, we believe in keeping businesses afloat digitally while providing the right type of environment for our DevriX family. This means nurturing the right mix of “hacker” culture of innovation without the traditional feast-and-famine agency stress or cutting corners with one-off clients designed for maximizing margins.
To enable this, we rely on long-term business opportunities with the right partners, a diversified portfolio of clients to account for risk management (having survived two major financial recessions), a healthy mix of different opportunities for every employee (instead of being stuck with a single account), and sufficient long-term plans to turn every motivated person into an intrapreneur, inventing new roles or launching new departments once someone is ready to step in.

Core Principles

1. Moving the web forward

DevriX invests in the global web by being a top 20 agency for the platform that powers 41% of the Internet. We are an active member of the Open Source community – and WordPress is a building block of the evolution of the web.

2. Bridging WordPress and the enterprise

We exist as the missing piece between the enterprise world and the core foundation of WordPress – ensuring that any system will scale indefinitely as the business develops, facilitating progress, and providing opportunities for the world.

3. The ‘’WordPress Retainers’’ model

We believe in WordPress retainers because the other business models are often flawed – agencies are stressful and outsourcing is cheap, and retainers enable us to run a real marathon, providing continuous progress and consultancy without getting burned out by every single detail.

4. Positive impact on small business and society

WordPress itself exists to “democratize publishing”, empowering journalists, free press, students, kids in Africa and Asia to get into digital or express their minds for free, uninterrupted. WordPress provides employment opportunities with minimum required skills in digital, increasing the intellectual and financial standards around the world. We share the values established by WordPress and strongly believe that it is the only true, open platform that has enough impact and coverage across the board.

5. Long-term partnerships

We strive to develop close relationships with our clients, since we act as a partner and an industry expert in the field. This allows us to advise and lead instead of taking orders and mindlessly act on a set of predefined tasks, regardless of their importance. This develops better business opportunities and nurtures our staff, empowering them to become self-driven and get better in all areas of life.

6. ROI is our North star

Our guiding light is Return on Investment. We don’t take on projects unless we see the full potential in scaling together. DevriX is not a business expense – through our ongoing consulting, we ensure that our work pays itself 10-fold and our expertise is an invaluable asset to every business in need of a stellar digital partner.

7. Personality-driven recruitment

We invest in training highly motivated people and provide opportunities that the majority of the companies do not. DevriX hires based on traits and eagerness to achieve something valuable, not merely “clock in and out and get done with it”. This develops the right type of culture and keeps the ball rolling while young talent scales up quickly, even in their early 20s, as long as they prove they are ready for a real roller coaster.

We give opportunities based on traits, motivation, and culture – not dated skills or diplomas. WordPress is easy to start with and gives the initial boost to those willing to put in the hard work.

8. Problem-solving culture

WordPress enables us to work on actual problem-solving activities instead of reinventing login forms or user tables that are often a necessity among most platforms out there. We start with the default framework that every project requires, and spend our precious time on developing actual solutions tailored to the business needs.

This is how we innovate and push through new frameworks and libraries to support the open web.

9. Rapid development

WordPress provides rapid development opportunities – starter projects can be built quickly (for small businesses with thin budgets) and exciting products can be started quickly through minimum viable products (instead of suppressing innovation by building heavy and bloated Java/.NET apps for years until competitors show up).

10. Nurture proactivity and creativity

People have the opportunity to hop between departments, from our homebred project owner role to taking on marketing/business development tasks for clients as they see fit through suggestions and ideas, to coming up with R&D ideas for clients so we can build cool and fun stuff while getting paid for it.

This nurtures proactivity and creativity that every team member is in charge of – and passion contributes vastly to the success of every project we undertake.