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Operations Manager

Operations Manager

We work smart and we work hard. We are DevriX.

A team of 50+ pet and hookah lovers, eager to diversify within other verticals, looking for passionate folks striving for short iterations making a solid impact. We provide ongoing WordPress development and maintenance retainers for international clients. Some of our platforms generate more than 100 million visitors monthly.

We believe that there is one crucial piece that is needed to help organize the time, meetings, documents and communication between departments so that people can focus on what they are best at.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Operations Manager

The perfect Operations Manager is an extremely proactive person who is not afraid to push the right people at the right time to achieve the set of goals.

The Operations Manager needs to think a lot in order to come up with the most painless and stressless approach to the daily problems we face and coordinate them with the decision makers and the team.

If we have to outline a few key characteristics, they would be:

  • Self-driven
  • Comfortable with Multitasking
  • People’s person
  • Fluent in English
  • Perfect in Time-Management
  • Highly Organized
  • With Positive Attitude

The duties of an Operations Manager

Shortly put, the Operations Manager will work with everyone from the DevriX team to help keep businesses running smoothly.

He/she will offer administrative and operational support to increase the overall efficiency of the company’s daily business operations. An important part of the daily tasks would be to work closely with the upper management and team leads to coordinate strategies and manage employee efficiency.

The specific responsibilities of this role include:

  1. Providing general office administrative support, such as answering external phone calls and scheduling meetings between different teams. He/she may also file and organize company paperwork.
  2. Following information in Slack channels for discussions about business solutions/problems and making sure there is someone to execute them by having a specific task with the needed description for further actions, following comments and reminding the involved parties depending on the priority level.
  3. Creating a weekly agenda with problems for the week including what are the goals and directions, topics requiring discussion, etc.
  4. Scheduling meetings between all departments’ team leads to ensure high-level collaboration.
  5. Being familiar with the initiatives within all departments and keeping on track with the priorities.
  6. Being able to prioritize properly and escalate when necessary to the upper management or to all parties involved in reviewing and making an important decision.
  7. Coordinating top priorities of the company in order to meet deadlines and making sure everybody follows the created procedures.
  8. Assisting everybody in reaching a final decision on challenging and/or delayed tasks.

What’s in it for You

  • An open culture of self-management, decision making, and brutally honest feedback – for real.
  • Moving quickly with minimum blockers thanks to working directly with the executive team.
  • A truly agile, fast-paced culture without a ton of unnecessary paperwork (iterative improvements through quick experiments).
  • Hard-working yet friendly environment where team spirit is integral and business aptitude is developed in every single department.

If you feel challenged by this position whilst meeting the given criteria, we would be glad to hear from you and further discuss your professional aspirations.

All applications will be treated in strict confidentiality. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Do you have what it takes? Send your resume to: [email protected]