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Outsourced WordPress Development

Our WordPress Development company builds high-end technical WordPress solutions for successful businesses.

We Are Transparent

We have established a map of processes for building various technical and business solutions, but our core philosophy is simple.

  1. We strive for building high quality solutions together with improved user experience
  2. The more successful our clients are, the more inclined they would be to work with us in the long run
  3. Our pricing is transparent since all that matters is involvement and time spent on refining and improving what we’ve got

Partnerships Are Essential

We believe in building long-term partnerships with key players in the online world in a way that allows us to combine our services and deliver technical platforms that boost sales and help our clients. Working together on multiple projects would be a great opportunity that would help us learn your business better, and provide the right solutions for you and your clients based on your goals and target market.

Which is why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions by our existing partners for your convenience, and would be happy to discuss a potential long-term business relationship with you too.

Who Are You?

We are a distributed WordPress Development agency with 25 employees and several on-demand contractors. DevriX was founded by Mario Peshev – a Core WordPress Contributor who started his code experiments in fourth grade and ended up with 12 years of practical development and business experience.

We are real people with online identities and company events – when possible in some locations where some of us can work together. We have embraced the remote work style and work from different places, even though we have an office in Sofia, Bulgaria. We contribute back to WordPress and other platforms, speak at events, help the local community and build free themes or plugins.

Some of our WordPress engineers are with technical education and background in other software languages, which is our key advantage. Having experience in different programming languages such as PHP, Java and Python, and numerous frameworks and platforms out there, we have mastered the technical stack behind WordPress and can easily extend the Core in the best possible manner, integrating 3rd party APIs, building custom automated solutions and keep the code up to standards, taking care of performance, reusability and security.

Navigate to our About page for more details about our crew and company history.

Why Work With You?

We are both incredibly experienced when it comes to WordPress development, and passionate about helping businesses grow and position themselves better.

Our technical department has built dozens of WordPress themes and over a hundred custom WordPress plugins. Over the last several years we have built several Software as a Service solutions from scratch, theme and plugin frameworks, and several extensible platforms for Customer Relationship Management, Invoicing, Traveling Trip Management, Event Management and more for our customers.

In addition to high technical quality, we have project management standards for dealing with different projects. We take project management and communication seriously, plan project milestones, report regularly and provide access to our PM workflow and development progress in our version control system repositories. You can reach out to us or monitor our work remotely, whatever works better for you.

See “Why Work With Us?” for more information.

What Is Your Process?

We have several flows based on the type of project that we work on and our partnership agreement. However, our main process is the following.

  • We are agile and work on weekly iterations, delivering code, design or analysis on a weekly basis.
  • We report once a week and stay in touch with you via email, Skype, our project management system or any other medium if needed.
  • We have a project manager overseeing the process, and a QA iterating through the latest features and reporting different functional or visual issues (which leads to higher project quality at the end)
  • Our frontend-related projects go through phases where we agree on a final design iteration before proceeding to static templates, up until a WordPress theme and a dynamic WordPress project.
  • Our backend solutions require a stable and extensible environment, which most often leads to building a staging server and implementing a deployment strategy, with different aspects of testing for long-term projects

By delivering results on a weekly basis and keeping the communication open, you are aware of your project status and are able to rearrange priorities if needed, as long as it doesn’t interrupt the regular development workflow.

What Sort of Projects Do You Work On?

While we have a broad scope of experience when it comes to WordPress development, these are the standard types of projects that we work on:

  1. WordPress-driven Software as a Service Solutions
  2. WordPress Multisite Projects
  3. Large WordPress Websites (with different custom-built plugins and integrated APIs)
  4. Extensible Plugins or Theme Frameworks
  5. Ongoing care for your project – maintenance, speed improvements and feature additions
  6. Ongoing Code Review or Technical Architecture

As a part of our business process, we also provide performance optimization, server monitoring and management, security reviews and server management.

Regardless of the type of project, we are looking for long-term partnership – retainers or maintenance plans that allows us to spend enough time on your project, refine it and iterate based on users’ feedback. Even if you’re responsible for dozens of clients, we could build a maintenance and continuous development strategy for regular updates, code improvements and usability updates that would improve their products.

What Do You Charge?

You can review our Work Process and Pricing pages. We charge depending on complexity, project size and deadline and we have different options for retainer plans and maintenance agreements.

We allocate 10% of our time for project management and communication, unless specified otherwise. Our quality insurance is included in the cost, and our testers revise the work of our development team in order to increase the end quality of our deliverables.

Are You a White Label Agency?

We don’t offer 100% white label services per se since we take pride in what we do and are ready to showcase our work. However, we know from experience that some clients have popular brands and are interested in keeping the intellectual property, and we are ready to provide white label services too if needed.

Do I Need a Technical Officer Here?

You can outsource 100% of your WordPress development work with us and you don’t need a CTO or a technical lead in your company. In fact, if you have a technical department, we can help you with the code review or deployment process or regularly coach your team on best practices and the latest strategies in the PHP and WordPress development world.

Why Should I Trust You?

We have been in business for over 5 years now and some of our team members have 8-10 years of practical experience. We speak at and sponsor WordCamps, contribute back to WordPress, blog and interact in social media networks and more. A single accident can ruin our reputation, which is why we are very protective when it comes to that.

Which also means that we decline work often and don’t take on various projects that come to us. We spend time at first to build a business relationship and get used to each others’ processes, goals and requirements. If we are a good fit, we start with a quick trial or an initial iteration, and if it works out, we proceed further.

If we see any obstacles for our business relationship or the scope of a project, we will let you know immediately. Most likely – several times. We will even require a signed agreement if needed, so that we’re absolutely certain that we are on the same page.

Even if something happens in the middle of the project, we’ll let you know. We take extra measures to free up time for an extra push if needed, but if we notice a scope creep or an unforeseeable problem, we’ll let you know right away so that we could plan our next steps together.

If you are looking for a serious and responsible WordPress development partner, let’s talk. We work with fewer clients so that we could focus on their goals and provide quality results, and we would be happy to collaborate with another great partner as well. Browse our Services for more information.