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Portfolio Category: WordPress Projects

Arms Directory Case Study

Arms Directory’s Transformation: Achieving 600% Traffic Growth through Technical and Marketing Excellence

Combining business listings and social interactions, Arms Directory LLC has established itself as a central hub for the firearms and outdoor industry, facilitating greater community involvement and business reach. The platform boasts a business directory with over 72,000 businesses and focuses on building social groups. Initially, the Arms Directory’s website resembled a single wall where Read More

Boom Battle Bar Case Study

Boom Battle Bar

Key Takeaway Q: What are the biggest accomplishments? Q: Have we grown the traffic significantly? Q: Is the site any faster? Q: Are clients generating more revenue? Q: If ads are served, have we increased profitability? Background About the client Boom Battle Bar is an entertainment venue that combines a premium bar with a variety Read More

Senior Executive

Senior Executive

Senior Executive Media has been working with DevriX on a WordPress development retainer plan since August 2021. In this case study, we will go through our journey working together for the past year or so, during which we’ve covered various initiatives including: pulling off an entire publisher platform from the get-go for about 2 months Read More

Smart Meetings Case Study 2022

Smart Meetings 2022

Wondering what it is like to partner up with the leading events publisher out there? Let’s say you are working closely with industry giants. With 30+ years of experience on the events market. Awarded with multiple world-class rewards. Smart Meetings is a leader in the meetings and event industry. They specialize in corporate event planning, Read More

Case Study Kustomer

Kustomer has been working with DevriX on a WordPress development retainer plan since August 2019. In this case study, we will focus primarily on the provided services to support their marketing team’s needs, up until April, 2020, in the form of: Overhauling the usability of editing content Major speed improvements across the website Thorough UI Read More

WordPress Multisite as a Multilingual Blog Solution

WordPress Multisite as a Multilingual Blog Solution

DevriX was employed to design a centrally-managed blog in several languages by merging content from three independent blogs. The project included: Building a centralized content management system Media management in one place (shared media across the multisite) Updating the outdated look and feel of the blogs and create a better and modern vision About the Read More

Density Featured Image


How WordPress Retainers Proved to Be the Optimal Website Redesign Solution  Density is a B2B company based in San Francisco, that has created an occupancy and space utilization analytics platform. Their solution tracks anonymously how people use buildings and in-door spaces and is based on deep learning algorithms. Density’s modern infrastructure consists of hardware and Read More

RLM Public Relations Featured Image

RLM Public Relations

We were hired to rebuild the RLM Public Relations web solution with usability and brand awareness in mind. Our team worked closely with the management staff and we built several iterations of the website.

Tyche Softwares Featured Image

Tyche Softwares

Tyche Softwares provides premium plugins for WooCommerce, such as Order Delivery Date plugin, Abandoned Cart plugin and Booking & Appointment plugin.

BGJUG – Bulgarian Java User Group

The re-designed version of BGJUG – Bulgarian Java User Group website. Recent Posts/News section In 2015 the core members are going to share several projects, created by the team. We have integrated a portfolio gallery with a home page listing where they can share their public projects. Since the core members of the group are Read More

Beta Testers Hub Featured Image

Beta Testers Hub

Beta Testers Hub is a network of early adopters signed up for the service. Startups can apply with an offer for their beta product or MVP, bringing the first batch of beta customers to their product. This is a great way to pitch your product to real customers. Just a week after Beta Testers Hub Read More