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Tyche Softwares Featured Image

Tyche Softwares

Tyche Softwares provides premium plugins for WooCommerce, such as Order Delivery Date plugin, Abandoned Cart plugin and Booking & Appointment plugin.

Paid Social Media Network For Models Featured Image

Paid Social Media Network For Models

Due to the NDA with the client, the case study explains the problems solved by DevriX and our process breaking the business requirements into technical components and software architecture without sharing brand names and URLs. We were hired to build a social media for the fashion industry. Our client was the owner of a modeling agency who wanted Read More

BGJUG – Bulgarian Java User Group

The re-designed version of BGJUG – Bulgarian Java User Group website. Recent Posts/News section In 2015 the core members are going to share several projects, created by the team. We have integrated a portfolio gallery with a home page listing where they can share their public projects. Since the core members of the group are Read More

Viara Clinic

Viara Clinic is a fully-functional CakePHP-driven CMS web project for a Bulgarian medical center.

Moto Club

Moto Club is a CakePHP-driven web project for a Bulgarian Moto Magazine. We have created a complete solution for new magazine articles, galleries, panels for advertisements, stats tracking, polls. The website is a fully-functional CMS for news.

Beta Testers Hub Featured Image

Beta Testers Hub

Beta Testers Hub is a network of early adopters signed up for the service. Startups can apply with an offer for their beta product or MVP, bringing the first batch of beta customers to their product. This is a great way to pitch your product to real customers. Just a week after Beta Testers Hub Read More

BuzzRipple Featured Image


BuzzRipple is a fully-functional marketing SaaS for entrepreneurs trying to improve their online presence and increase their lead generation.

Tyler WordPress Event Theme Featured Image

Tyler WordPress Event Theme

Tyler is the Perfect WordPress Event Theme for your Conferences. Professional Features in a Fresh Design   We were hired to create a complete Event Framework for all of the future Event Manager Shop themes. Given the design and a sample WordPress theme, our team created a complete flexible and reusable Event Framework that was Read More

MemeStack Featured Image


MemeStack is a powerful lead machine for marketing professionals. It provides a complete mechanism for creating memes, sharing them with a customer base and creating a competition.


TeeNews is a magazine website with about 15 thousand articles and tens of thousands of comments. DevriX was in charge for building the technical infrastructure behind the website, setup the server configuration and build the whole site. A WordPress template was used and finely customized based on the client’s needs. Queries were filtered to match Read More

Unknown Sofia

The “Unknown Sofia” portal was build as a subproject for the Sofia Municipality, revealing monuments and beautiful historical sites in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. We have researched the business aspect and came up with a WordPress solution, outlining the sites, and providing photo editing. The site includes a monuments archive, Google Maps and social Read More