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Gloryam is a complete end-to-end Learning Management System. DevriX was hired to build the complete infrastructure and incorporate the WordPress platform with the BigBlueButton video streaming service.

BlazeMeter Featured Image


BlazeMeter is a self-service performance and load testing cloud. Our team built the WordPress plugin for BlazeMeter Integration. We have incorporated all of the required features from the BlazeMeter platform, integrated their API calls and allowed for calling the BlazeMeter cloud against given pages of any WordPress-driven website. By authenticating to BlazeMeter WordPress users are now Read More

Bar Nargile

Bar Nargile is a local bar that serves drinks and water pipes (a.k.a. hookah or nargile). We have build the website and provided the required content management for the website. Additionally we have integrated an interactive lightbox menu and a downloadable version of the menu, nicely designed.


Asyst is a CakePHP-driven web project for a Bulgarian Internet Service Provider. We have created a complete solution for new members, tracking the orders and current customers. The website is a fully-functional CMS for news, new products and plans, ordering and contact details for home and business customers.

Art of Dara

  Bozhidara is a 9-year old artist who has won several competitions. We have designed a small portfolio website for her art collection including a blog and contact details, and event page for her artistic exhibitions.

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Ecole Etre

DevriX implemented a complete backend solution for training courses, workshop management and subscriptions. We have designed a Students database tracking all accomplishments for students, graduating and taking different workshops based on their experience and grades.

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Aronnes Rocken

Aronnes Rocken is a music festival in Norway. Our team created a complete website for the event, including the news section, event program, list of artists. We have incorporated an Instagram plugin for fetching all of the relevant Instagram photos and videos related to the event. The styling was adapted to the website and the media Read More

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Fanboom is a marketing-driven SaaS with more than 6000 subsites in a single WordPress Multisite install. We were responsible for maintaining the infrastructure behind Amazon Web Services – nginx stack of a cloud server behind a load balancer, RDS database management and the WordPress setup. The site includes membership management for premium users, and heavily Read More