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My Store Locator Plus

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Having a strategic location for your business is one thing, but making it easy for customers to find is another.

Statista, one of the leading statistics companies on the internet, shared an interesting statistic on how location-based technologies can improve the shopping experience. It shows that 25% of internet users in the United States would like stores to use location-based technologies to have a better shopping experience. So, if you would like to have an increase in the number of your satisfied customers, read on, you’re

So, if you would like to have an increase in the number of your satisfied customers, read on, you’re on the right track.

What is My Store Locator Plus?

My Store Locator Plus (MySLP) is a WordPress Multisite-based software-as-a-service (SaaS). It is currently powered by React application for user interface (development process is using Node.js libraries for automation script), WP REST API for service communication, and PHP, and MySQL. MySLP is currently hosted on Amazon Web Services.

My Store Locator Plus list of currently set locations screenshot

Awesome Features

Before we start with the technical overview of MySLP, we thought it would be a good idea to share with business owners how easy and convenient it is to use.  Find out why store owners prefer MySLP than any other store locator services.

No Coding Required

Probably the best thing about MySLP is the fact that, to incorporate it, you don’t require coding knowledge. You don’t have to worry about hiring a freelancer because it doesn’t require great effort to be able to use it on your website. All you have to do is add your location and then copy and paste a short snippet code into your web page and you’re all set to go.


Security is one of the main concerns of a business owner. But you don’t need to worry about security issues as your location and other data is backed up and secured to perfection. Before it gets live on your production site, we test it well for every aspect – and we have a great attention to detail.

A Few Worth-Mentioning Facts

A few worth-mentioning facts infographic

  • It has more than 7,000 active users.
  • More than 14,000 websites are using this service – and the number continues to grow each day.
  • The WordPress plugin has been downloaded over 360,000 times.
  • Store Locator Plus is running all over the world; in 119 countries to be precise.

MySLP Technical Overview

Now that you know MySLP’s awesome features, it’s time to delve into its technical overview.  We are going to break it down into several features to make it easy to digest for users.

Billing Payment Processing

MySLP is using PayPal Recurring Payment for account renewal and Express Checkout API for processing the signup form payment. These PayPal API’s are proven and tested over the last decade to be one of the most reliable payment processing on e-commerce platforms around the world wide web.

MySLP added a feature on the customer’s administrative management where it gave the customer control over their recurring payment status; suspend for the time being and renew when the customer decided to re-continue MySLP SaaS services without an actual account closure.

Choose a locator plan page screenshot

Customer Account Creation

MySLP is composed of two different platforms where it handles the marketing plus sign-up and the actual dashboard management separately.

Question: How is it possible for MySLP to have 2 separate platforms communicating with each other and how secure it is?

Answer: WP REST API. A powerful tool that has been integrated into WordPress core since version 4.4 (codename “Clifford Brown”). This tool enables these platforms to communicate through specific URL endpoints and performs CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations on resources using HTTP. MySLP endpoints, in this case, require each CRUD operations to provide a coded secret key which has been generated through the backend and only available specifically for the platform’s usage. With this secret key, it ensures that the REST API communication per endpoints can only be used by MySLP platforms and turn down the external request.

Plan Level, Term and Plugin management

MySLP dashboard is using a specialized WordPress plugin developed by DevriX named Site Architect which is not available for public distribution. This powerful plugin controls the customer account services that includes:

  1. Features control per plan – Site Architect enable the administrator to set what features go on each plan to make it more distinct from each other.
  2. Location data entry per plan – This plugin is also capable of controlling the location entries and set the different maximum data entries allowed per plan.
  3. Account status monitoring – One of the main features of this plugin is that it is capable of monitoring the customer account status, reminding the customer of near expiration date and notify them through email in each iteration. Customer’s failure to maintain the steady flow of payment subscription leads to MySLP service suspension, limited only to front-end deployment AND not account lockage or closure.
  4. Setting up the Plan and Terms – The critical component of Site Architect is the ability to set up the plan information, prices and terms. This data will then be available to marketing site for sign-up form through WP REST API.

User Interface

Sreenshot of the MySLP Dashboard containing my current locations information

MySLP supports 2 data view presentations:

  1. A traditional table listing view, and
  2. Location Card view.

The card view supports real-time location data update available on the card without using Edit form modal and auto rendering a preview map after each location data update or after adding a new location.

Both of these views are using a scroll down event for rendering the rest of the location data instead of using traditional pagination.

The user interface on Location page is powered by React (A JavaScript library for building user interfaces). It includes the Add, Edit, Preview and Import modal, table and card location view.

One of MySLP’s feature is the customer capability of controlling their Google Maps appearance and settings. This, of course, depends on which plan the customer is currently subscribed to. Another feature of MySLP is the map and location theming on the deployment sites. Currently, there are tons of free themes available for each plan. And DevriX is planning to add more of these for a wide array of selection.

With these features, it makes the MySLP far more distinct and exciting to use versus other service competitors.

Map’s Deployment and Locator Data Rendering

My Store Locator Plus Customers page screenshot

MySLP is using a single line of JavaScript code for map and location data deployment. This ensures that the map and location data is compatible with any HTML pages and select CMS framework such as WordPress post and page which is already tested and proven. The customer can have a peace of mind when deploying without worrying about the compatibility issues. Because these can be managed through MySLP account. This JavaScript code is reusable and can be deployed on multiple pages and sites.

Upcoming features and improvements

MySLP at the moment is under an ongoing active development phase. This helps us to ensure that we provide an impeccable tool that is fit for every store owners’ needs. Our reliable partner, DevriX, is making sure of the continuous flow of new features, administrative and user experience improvement such as the following:

  1. Customer capability of downgrading or upgrading the subscription plan.
  2. Location category filtering per deployment.
  3. User interface improvement including Add, Edit and Preview modals.
  4. Customer reporting and analytics.
  5. Using iFrame for alternate deployment method.

You can expect more extra features to come as we continue to develop the tool. This will ensure that every business owners provide a better shopping experience for their customers.

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