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Here’s a quick backstory of WordPress.

  • WordPress was released back on May 27, 2003. It was co-founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, as a fork of b2, an open source blogging system made available in 2001.
  • Among the plugins listed, Shopify is not a WordPress solution (instead, it’s a self-hosted eCommerce platform.)
  • The latest WordPress version of now is 6.2 – released in March 2023.
  • WordPress is built in PHP and MySQL, with heavy HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as front-end technologies.
  • WordPress provides 4 freedoms, shared by one of the co-founders in his essay.
  • Among all the builders listed… Well, all of them are available as plugins and provide page building features for the platform. Gutenberg is also integrated in the WordPress core (with the plugin providing additional features with ongoing development before merged into upcoming WordPress versions).
  • The first version of WordPress in 2003 was just name WordPress. The first one named after a jazz musician was version 1.0 (Davis) in 2004.
  • WordPress comes pre-installed with Hello, Dolly and Akismet.

Interested in learning more about WordPress? There is an open source, official book available on GitHub.

And here’s the more extended overview of how WordPress has impacted the world of web development, presented by our CEO Mario:

Happy birthday, WordPress!