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How to Calculate Return on Ad Spend

How to Calculate Return on Ad Spend

When optimizing your PPC campaigns, return on ad spend, or RoAS, is the ultimate metric to keep an eye on. Tracking it enables you to diagnose the bottom line of paid advertising and can show you whether there’s room for improvement in your strategy. Calculating return on ad spend is relatively straight-forward and simple, and Read More

WordPress BLACK FRIDAY Deals 2021

WordPress Black Friday Deals 2021

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 are almost here! And you know what this means – huge discounts on some of the best WordPress plugins, themes, bundles, and hosting services!    For us at DevriX, when it comes to WordPress development, high-quality, professional, and scalable solutions are of the utmost priority. That’s why we’ve picked for Read More

11 Tips for Building a FAQ Page for an eCommerce

11 Tips for Building a FAQ Page for an eCommerce

Catering to your customer’s needs and providing a top-notch experience is an integral part of running an eCommerce business. You have to offer high-quality products, lightning-fast customer service, and an eye-pleasing well-functioning website. However, regardless of whether you own a simple online store, a major marketplace that connects millions of sellers and buyers, or a Read More

10 Key Success Factors for Startups

Starting a new business from scratch is both exciting and full of uncertainty. Entrepreneurs are eager to surround themselves with like-minded people, get down to work, and see their ideas become reality. At the same time, it’s common knowledge that about 90% of new companies fail – and that’s discouraging enough to darken any enthusiasm. Read More