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Master WordPress @mentions with Mentions AJAX Dropdown Plugin

In a time when competition is so aggressive and one’s reputation is so fragile, who talks about you and your brand becomes crucial. With the help of different tools, companies are able to track mentions online. Apart from this, mentions are a great way to pull people into a conversation. And because mentioning people in comments and text has become such a trend, we’ve decided to include a mentions plugin in order to stay up-to-date with the digital movement.

For all WordPress fans of mentions, we have added to our plugins portfolio another useful “player”, called Mentions Ajax Dropdown. It is a lightweight plugin which notifies a user every time you mention his/her username in a text.

About the Plugin

The plugin enables you to easily find and mention a particular person in your text or message. Once you type the “@” sign, the plugin will automatically suggest a list of users matching the query after the @. If you don’t enter any query after the at symbol, a full list of names will appear in form of a drop-down menu.

The plugin is integrated with bbPress, BuddyPress, and the admin dashboard post editor. However, it is not necessary to have those plugins installed in order to work with Mentions AJAX Dropdown Plugin. The best thing is that you can integrate it to work with other fields whether in the admin or front-end.

For better performance and user experience, it now comes with new features.


Mentions AJAX Dropdown Plugin requires at least PHP 5.3 and works with any latest WordPress install. By simply following the installation guide consisting of 4 steps, you will be ready for business in less than 5 minutes.

As described above, the best thing about this plugin is that it can be easily integrated to work with extra fields or other plugins. This can be navigated from the Settings interface by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Dashboard > Options > Mentions Dropdown
  2. Check “Show advanced settings”
  3. In the “Targeted Fields” setting, add the DOM selector for the fields you want to add Mentions Dropdown feature to.


I have a text box with id attribute set to “my-text” added to the bottom of each post, and I want to enable the mentions dropdown on it, I will simply go to Settings and add #my-text after a comma onto the previously Mention setting.

Fast, Flexible and Customizable

We believe that every WordPress user should be able to experiment with his/her website and its plugins. That is why we guarantee fully customizable and flexible products and services. And this plugin is not an exception.

The Mentions AJAX Dropdown Plugin features include:

  • Simple and easy to install and use
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy to extend
  • Integrated to work with other fields aside from bbPress, BuddyPress, admin dashboard post editor
  • Loads faster
  • Users query cached for better performance and fast loading


Enjoy the power of @mentions for WordPress with the Mentions AJAX Dropdown Plugin. Mention whoever you want to in your text by using this simple, flexible and customizable plugin without limiting yourself to bbPress or BuddyPress.

Download from here and start mentioning your friends, team members, followers today!

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