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Ad Music Player

Ad Music Player — sell and monetize music on your website. Player displays advertisements when the music plays.

Best Features

  • Google AdSense compatible
  • Flexible Ad sizes
  • Custom Ad for each track
  • Buy Now link for each track
  • Custom Ad and playlist for pages and posts
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Multiple players on the same page
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Supports radio streams
  • Auto-play and playlist repeat
  • Shuffle and tracks sort order
  • Cross-browser & mobile friendly

Plugin settings overview

Login to the WordPress admin panel and go to “Ad Tracks > Settings” (it is located under “Settings” menu item)


Short overview of plugin settings

  1. Enable Player defines the state of the player. By the default, player is disabled to give you the ability to add tracks and customize player styles.
  2. Enable Ad defines the state of the ad. By the default, ad is disabled to give you the ability to add ad code.
  3. Ad Code — – insert ad code that you would like to display. Shortcodes are supported.
  4. You can choose colors for player background, player buttons, and text color using color-picker

Add new track

To add new track go to “Ad Tracks > Add New” (it is located under “Settings” menu item)


You should enter Track Url (2).
Track Title (1), Track Artist (4), Ad Code (5), Extra Button (6) and Track Sort Order (8) are optional.
If you would like to upload MP3 track or choose existing track from your media library, press button Upload Track (3)


If you want to stream online radio, you should put “/;” at the end of your stream URL after port number, eg:;

To view/edit your tracks go to “Ad Tracks”


Player Activation

Once you have added tracks, you can activate the player.
Go to “Ad Tracks > Settings” and enable option Enable Player (1) and then save settings


Player is enabled now and you can insert player using shortcode.

Insert Player Using Shortcode Generator

Go to “Pages (or Posts) > Edit (or Add New)” and click on the Music Icon (1) to call Ad Music Player Shortcode Generator


Then choose tracks and press “Insert Player” button




Custom Playlist for Pages

You can define specific tracks and Ad-Code for each page.
Go to “Pages (or Posts) > Edit (or Add New)” and choose tracks for this page (1). Also you can add Ad Code (2) for this page


Player appears after the content page:



Ad Management


If you would like to use AdSense – please make sure that you used Synchronous Code Type (1)


Your Ad will be displayed when the music plays:


Why Should You Download Ad Music Player

Perhaps you are a performer hoping to sell your music. Alternately perhaps you are a podcaster hoping to connect with your group of onlookers in intriguing points. On the other hand, perhaps you are a current storyteller swinging to bleeding edge sound procedures to recount your stories.

Whatever your association with sound, will require a sound player to communicate your work to the world.

When you put the shortcodes into your post, all that shows up is a little play button which swings to a pause button once playing. There are a couple of parameters you can apply. For example, circling and auto playing. Keeping in mind you can set the volume in the shortcode, there’s no volume control on the player.

This kind of player has its favorable circumstances. You can undoubtedly compose a title out next to the catch. You could likewise effectively make a rundown of various sounds in a steady progression with a title.

Sources and Credits

We hope you will be happy using our plugin. If you have any questions about this plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to please you

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