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WP Music Player

WP Music Player allows you to play tracks and stream radio stations right on your WordPress website. This plugin has lots of useful options and can be fully customized.


  • Continuous playback
    Music player opens in popup so music could be played without interruptions even if user navigates through the website
  • Unlimited color schemes
    Choose color for player background and buttons
  • 4 built-in styles
    Choose one of 4 built-in styles
  • Supports radio streams
    Broadcast your favorite radio through your website
  • Custom playlists for pages and posts
    Define specific tracks for each page or post
  • Auto-play and playlist repeat options
    Automatically play music when page loads
  • Shuffle and tracks sort order option
    Sort tracks as you wish
  • Cross-browser and mobile friendly
    Compatible with all major browsers (even IE 7) and mobile devices (iPhone 4/5 , Windows Phone and Android)
  • Auto-include and shortcode options
    Include player automatically or use shortcode


To change Music Player settings go to “WP-Admin → Tracks → Settings”.


Short overview of plugin settings

  1. Include method defines the way according to which the music player is being activated. By default player is disabled to give you ability to add tracks and customize player styles.
  2. Include player on defines the pages on which music player will be included.
  3. Playlist sort order allows you to sort tracks.
  4. You can choose one of 4 built-in player styles
  5. You can choose colors for player background and buttons using color-picker
  6. Position type allows you to define position type for music player. Static position is recommended for including player using shortcode.
    If you need help with this option, please, contact us!
  7. Position X allows you to define horizontal position for music player. This option is not working with “Static” position type.
  8. Position Y allows you to define vertical position for music player. This option is not working with “Static” position type.
  9. Continuous playback popup allows website visitor to open player in the popup. You can customize popup window size, window background color and image and player colors.

After you add some tracks you will be able to see you player on the pages you have selected.


And it’s not only that. From the general settings you can include the player on All pages, Homepage only or All Pages, exclude homepage but we are thinking for you and your needs and that’s why you can even add different tracks for each and every page.

What WP Music Player Offers?

This in vogue looking music player gives you a chance to include a solitary sound track or a full playlist to your WordPress site utilizing shortcode. You can modify the shades of the player, furthermore show evaluations, collection cover craftsmanship, and purchase/download connect if necessary. This sound player is not the same as others on offer since it chips away at all significant programs, both PC and Mac, and on cell phones including iPhone/iPad. In addition, it looks truly cool!

  • Multiple Playlists choice. Make the same number of playlists as you like and insert any number of players on various pages of your site
  • Drag n Drop playlist director so you can reorder tracks
  • Completely Responsiveresizes and alter format/plan for responsive sites
  • On/off alternative for evaluations, fine art, craftsman field, auto-rehash, and cover workmanship
  • Gadget bolster
  • Implant full playlist or individual tracks with shortcodes
  • Works in every single advanced program and also works on mobile devices.

WP Music Player is waiting for you!

We hope you will be happy using our plugin. If you have any questions about this plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to please you.

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