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Testimonials from our happy customers


Jon Reed

I’ve been working with web design firms since the mid-90s. DevriX is the best I have worked with by a wide margin. Their ability to customize high-performance WordPress sites is the best value I’ve seen. They bring a spirit of collaboration to their work, as well as taking initiative on virtual project management. It’s extremely rare to work with a firm that has both development and design chops.

DevriX has been able to add sophisticated functionality to while maintaining a very high mobile-first design standard. That’s a tough balance to maintain. One remarkable thing: I have never met the DevriX team. We have never even spoken on the phone or VoIP. Another member of our team has spoken with them, but the point is I’ve been able to get projects done with DevriX that involved complex design requirements without ever talking real-time. That requires an exceptional attention to detail. I cannot recommend DevriX highly enough.


Adam Sewall

VP Marketing, Verkada
DevriX enabled us to deliver an entirely reimagined B2B website in under 3 weeks. From backend integrations to mobile layouts on the frontend, I was continually impressed with the team’s knowledge and, equally important, ability to think like a user.

The engineers weren’t just completing deliverables — they were proactively suggesting solutions to our challenges, and filling in gaps where requirements were incomplete or unclear. Communication was clear and effective throughout the course of the project. Highly recommended for teams looking to move fast!


Stuart Frank
Mario and his team are flat out awesome.

They’ve been able to handle the most difficult challenges we’ve thrown at them whilst all the time offering a level of expertise and command of their subject area way beyond that offered by your average freelancer or small agency.

In fact, i’d wager you’d struggle to find such committed and skilled workers at this price point anywhere else, putting them easily on a par with some of the leading WordPress dev shops but at a fraction of the price.

Whether you’re looking for a team to make your next big project a reality or to further develop or stregthen an existing project then you won’t be disappointed with what Mario and the DevriX team have to offer.

Get in contact with them today, youll be in good hands


Gary Segal

South Africa
If it was not for Stanko’s patience, I would still be misunderstanding simple instructions. Can I be dumb and difficult. You guys are the best.

Jordi Lopez

CEO of Kopelia
I want to take a minute to thank Mario for the timely work done on our catalog system. The previous version system had performance problems. The response time of Mario was perfect and he tuned all the system to improve the performance. Now the performance of the system is ok. I just want to say thanks for a job well done!

Ido Feldman
Mario and his team made excellent work for my website. Even though the budget was tight, they made huge efforts to make it work.

I am very pleased with the result, and will hire them again for my next project


Matthias Poranske

CEO Balkan Air Aviation
I have had the opportunity to work with Mario, Stanko and his team on our new corporate website. Mario and his team bring a wide spectrum of experience and the whole process went smoothly. They have an in-depth knowledge and are very professional WordPress Developers.

I know Mario and his team as very hard workers, absolutely result oriented with an excellent understanding of the viability. While looking forward to meet Mario and his team in one of our next projects I wish him and his team all the best for his future.


Julius Solaris

Director SocialCoup Ltd
Working with Mario and his team has been a great pleasure. It is difficult to find reliable developers that actually understands WordPress Architecture while managing client communication professionally, Mario is one of the few of them. Definitely recommend

Remkus de Vries

Owner of Forsite Media, Lead WordCamp Europe Organizer
We enjoyed working with Mario very much. Mario is the type of guy that quickly understands what is needed to get a project done. His extensive knowledge of the WordPress code base and its possibilities paired with his security minded developing skills made Mario working for us an absolute pleasure.

Kimberly Lipari

Director, Client Services, WP Valet
Mario was one of the first professional WordPress Developers I had ever worked with. I was amazed by his knowledge and very impressed by his skill. To this day I use my experience with him as a standard for comparison when looking to hire any new developers for a job.

Megan Hargroder

New Orleans Social Media Strategist
Mario is an absolute pleasure to work with and I will continue to contract him out for quick, affordable and outstanding web work. He is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent communicator – I know any project I give to him will be executed with the utmost professionalism. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for outstanding web services!

Jimmy Rosén

CEO at Angry Creative
DevriX has a very high WordPress competence that is hard to find anywhere else in the WordPress-community. They have helped us when our own team has been too busy and made outstanding technical deliveries. They are a hard-working team absolutely dedicated to the success of their customers.

Tom Murray

Viral Lead Machine
Mario, Stanko and team are great to work with. We’ve worked with them on a number of complex, original applications, and can always count on them to bring extensive knowledge and skill to every project. They’re also very conscientious in their approach – always striving to build the most technically reliable solution. If you’re looking to create a robust software exactly to spec, then I’d highly recommend these guys!

A happy Australian guy

I have used DevriX team to not only for the initial creation of websites for my clients, but also for ongoing needs for website maintenance and online branding. I have been extraordinarily happy with the excellent work product, high level of service, and reasonable prices. The client websites looks better than I could have imagined, and is playing active roles in increasing the bottom lines of their businesses.

Marcus J Wilson

Owner, Pooka.Pro
Mario has a deep understanding of the WordPress CMS and related Open Source software, and provides appropriate and thoughtful solutions to development challenges. He also is very clear in his explanation of development solutions, and is a great communicator. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mario’s services.