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10 Reasons Why Twitter Is the Best Social Platform for Business

10 Reasons Why Twitter Is the Best Social Platform for Business

As we all know, social media networks were not originally created for branding and business purposes. However, they quickly became the Mecca of digital marketing and a pivotal tool in almost every company’s online strategy.

Twitter is not the most popular social media platform and is often overshadowed by Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest and TikTok. However, it is the network with the fastest growing engagement rate, and one of the most educated and solvent audiences. People there are more inclined to follow brands for news, buy the products they see, and discover new interests. As a result, combined with other factors, when it comes to business, Twitter stands out as the most efficient social network.

Similar to other popular platforms, it presents a way for people to communicate and interact with others, keep up with topics they care about, and kill some time. What makes it special, though, is the audience’s profile, the mechanics behind business profiles, and the unique overall value the platform presents to companies.

Sounds great, right? But wait, there’s more!

In this article, we will highlight what it is exactly that makes Twitter the best social network for business.

Read on and get ready to tweet!

1. The Statistics Are Unshakable

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s have a look at some Twitter related business statistics that back the statements in the intro, and add context:

Why Twitter Is the Best Social Platform for Business The Statistics

  • Twitter’s actual visitors are three times more than its registered users.
  • The social network has a staggering 78% engagement rate growth – almost 10 times more than Instagram and 40 times more than Facebook.
  • 25% of American adults have a Twitter account.
  • 45% of registered users visit Twitter daily.
  • 5.1 hours a month is the average time a user spends on Twitter.
  • Twitter’s user-base is the second most educated on social media, topped only by Linkedin’s users.
  • 34% of Twitter users earn above $75,000, and 85% earn above $30,000.
  • 53% Twitter users are inclined to buy new products they discover via the platform.

However, despite the impressive statistics, the numbers are not everything that makes Twitter great for business.

2. Allows Your Brand Identity to Shine

Allows Your Brand Identity to Shine

Twitter allows for (and even requires) a natural tone and casual communication between brands and users. Unlike other popular networks, this is a conversational social platform where users are eager to engage with the content they like, and not only reshare it, but add their thoughts on the matter as well.

It’s well known in marketing that people tend to think of brands as human and attribute to them human qualities. When companies create brand identities they define these qualities themselves and leave out the guesswork. As a result their followers can better understand the brand, relate to it, and cultivate a feeling of belonging.

However, the issue with brand identities is that they are really difficult to publicly establish and showcase without two-sided communication.

And that is what makes Twitter great.

Here, business profiles are not much different than user profiles, which means that all participants in a conversation stand equal. If you are consistent in your personality, tone, style, and topics, you can really make your brand identity shine. As a result, your followers will be more likely to relate and feel close to you.

This helps greatly when building a loyal audience! A well-crafted identity can boost engagement, retweets, website visits, and, respectfully, increase your brand awareness, follower base, and conversions.

3. Helps Boost Your Website Traffic

In your tweets, you can add news articles, blogs, and all kinds of other links – Twitter doesn’t make it weird the way, for example, Instagram and TikTok do. Here you can post your content and share your thoughts on it, inviting your followers to do the same.

Which means that, when it comes to driving traffic to your website, Twitter has a serious competitive advantage as compared to other social media networks.

What’s more, many people use Twitter as their main news source – they are looking for trustworthy outlets that post on topics that they like, so they can follow them for updates.

If you use the 280-characters given to you by the platform wisely, and combine them with a compelling CTA and an interesting title, your followers are very likely to click and retweet your posts. As almost all the information on Twitter is public, this can tremendously boost the visibility of your content.

However, if you are not a dedicated news outlet, be extra careful to make your posts sound natural and not pushy. The goal is to share information, updates, and insights, and/or ask for opinions.

Engaging in conversations, sharing thoughts and ideas, and commenting on current topics relevant to your niche and audience, will keep your followers around and, ultimately, boost your traffic even further.

4. It’s a Great Place to Position Your Brand

As mentioned, almost all the information on Twitter is public. This makes the platform an invaluable source of information regarding your industry, competitors, and clients.

You can research how other brands in your field talk to their audiences, what content they share and how often, and use the insight you obtain to position your own brand not only on social media, but in the marketplace.

By researching your users and their behavior, you can understand them better as well and figure out the most efficient ways to communicate to them and make an impact.

Furthermore, one of the top ways to bond with your followers on Twitter is based on your common interests, values, and ethics.

Social Media Behaviours that Help Brands Connect with Consumers

Positioning your brand as one that believes in the same things as your followers, cares about similar causes, and shares the same values, can help you stand out and make an impression.

5. You Can Build a Strong Community

Being the platform with the highest engagement, Twitter is the best place to build an involved and dedicated community.

Unlike Facebook where people mostly browse and communicate only with their closest connections, or Instagram where users focus mainly on themselves rather than others, on Twitter people really communicate.

You can track and use popular hashtags when you post and engage on similar topics. Also, by tracking mentions with Twitter’s own free tool Tweetdeck, or other social listening software, you can join in on conversations regarding your brand.

Use this opportunity to strengthen your relationships with brand advocates, but don’t forget to make amends when someone is not happy with your services, has misunderstood your brand, or is in any way spreading negative word-of-mouth.

It goes without saying, but you should also be active on your own account – respond to comments, ask questions, be and act human and not like a brand, and, above all, show that you care about what people have to say.

Twitter chats are also a great function that allows you to connect and communicate with your followers. You can set up weekly, monthly, or occasion-related conversations to discuss relevant topics that both you and your customers care about.

6. Works Efficiently as a Customer Support Channel

Social media platforms have become the favored support channel for customers, as they are less formal and usually provide quicker results than standard communication methods such as emails or phone calls.

As brands on Twitter are, more often than not, active throughout the day, customers tend to reach out to them via the platform when they have a question or need customer support.

They can mention you in a post via your Twitter handle, comment on one of your posts, or send you a direct message (DM).

Be sure to answer these requests quickly, even if you don’t have an immediate solution. To avoid people feeling neglected, announce the hours that you are available and try to always be reachable within them.

Also, you can create a dedicated account for support and streamline these types of conversations there.

7. It’s Organized

Twitter Lists allow you to organize the accounts you follow and/or are interested in into lists. This can be a great way to keep an eye on your competitors, the most active and engaged followers, as well as relevant influencers in your industry.

By keeping your interests organized, you will avoid missing out on important information and trends, and it will be easier to monitor what’s happening.

Furthermore, based on who’s on your lists and for what purpose you are monitoring them, you can make these private or public.

Sneaking a peek at the public lists of your competitors and your audience, can provide you with valuable insight into what they are interested in. You can also find inspiration, post ideas, relevant topics, and hashtags to track.

8. Insightful Analytics

As any other digital marketing endeavor, when tweeting for business, your top priority is the impact you make. The platform provides insightful analytic tools that you can use to measure the engagement on the different types of posts you publish, and find ways to improve your strategy.

Insightful Analytics

You can also closely watch your followers and learn more about their interests, demographics, locations, etc., as well as what types of posts they interact with and how.

This information will help you better understand who the people are that care the most about your business, what content compels them to engage, and to what end. Based on this, you can adjust your marketing personas to better target them with your content. What’s more you can even revamp your brand identity to better match the personality and interests of your top followers.

Also, if you’ve set up Twitter cards, you can monitor the performance and engagement of those.

Aside from Twitter’s own analytics tools, you can also use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic your posts generate and see how they contribute to your website’s conversions.

If you are using ads and sponsored content and you’d like to differentiate the organic traffic from the paid ones, you can use Google’s Campaign URL Builder to set up UTM tracking.

9. Affordable and Efficient Ads

Ads on Twitter are among the most cost-effective ones across social media platforms. As there is no minimum daily budget, you can spend as much as you want, A/B test different approaches, and decide whether you’d like to increase how much you spend.

Furthermore, Twitter’s targeting options allow you to create custom audiences based on demographics, location, keywords, language, interests, device type, and so on. You can even create follower look-alike audiences so your content reaches the most prominent users.

Ads can be designed in different formats, such as text, video, carousel, image and moment, to maximize engagement with different audiences.

Aside from ads, you can also sponsor some of your posts in order to increase their reach and widen your audience.

All in all, the paid options on Twitter allow you to boost your account’s performance and traffic without breaking the bank.

10. Build Awareness and Grow Your Audience

Twitter is the social media platform that allows you to build awareness and grow your audience in the most organic and efficient way.

You can share your content, interact with your audience, join conversations that are relevant to your brand, and, ultimately, be all over the place and still make an impression.

Furthermore, while posting too often can reflect poorly on your reputation on other platforms, here, it is completely acceptable and even expected.

On Twitter, you can post 10 times a day and people are not likely to be annoyed, because that’s what everyone does on the platform.

This provides you with more opportunities to reach your followers, give them a reason to engage, and build a connection.

On top of that, their engagement allows your tweets to be more visible to new audiences and amplifies the results of your efforts.

In a nutshell, Twitter is a great place to show how awesome your brand is, generate word-of-mouth, and acquire new leads and customers. All you have to do is be active, join the right conversations, and stay on-brand.

Bottom Line

All things considered, the top reason why Twitter is one of the best social platforms for business is that it allows you to grow awareness and reach new audiences.

By carefully making your presence there known, you can establish your brand as a thought leader, make your products more popular, attract traffic to your website, and build lasting relationships with your followers and other people in your industry.

While other social media platforms may offer similar benefits, Twitter is the place where you can accomplish the most and see actual results, rather than celebrate vanity metrics that have no effect on your bottom line.