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11 of the Cleanest WordPress Themes to Consider Today!

Our list of the 11 cleanest WordPress themes to consider today is bound to make you rethink your current website design.

Marketing websites and web developers have to be extra careful when it comes to offering their products. The layout and design of your website can play a vital part in your marketing strategy. One of the mistakes marketers and business owners make with their website is they go for extra colorful designs.

Remember that extra colors can be a big turn off for your customers and this can reflect in sales as well. While making changes to your existing website or designing a new one from scratch, just remember not to overdo things. A clean and simple layout is what you should be aiming for.

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An attractive website will catch your eye with its content rather than overly bright and shiny colors. Keeping your website simple, subtle and to the point is key to better sales. In many cases, visitors tend to be put off by information overload on home pages. They are discouraged to buy from such websites. So you need to ensure that your visitors focus on what you offer rather than unnecessary content.

To help out web page owners and designers, we have come up with the simplest and effective Clean WordPress themes. Due to simplicity in design, these websites generally load quicker and perform much more efficiently. Simple designs and helpful features make it easier for visitors to concentrate on the product.

If you wish to design a simple and effective website for your business, we have compiled for you some of the catchiest WordPress themes. These website themes are equipped with the best features and guarantee efficient functionality so that your business runs smoothly. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at our list of cleanest WordPress themes.

Kalium 2016-01-23 14-41-00This is an amazing WordPress theme which is most suitable for drag-and-drop content. It is the right kind of website for blog pages and portfolios. Its innovative designs and features can help you improve your website layout considerably. So if you want to design your portfolio or a blog, Kalium is the way to go.

Kalium was received very well by the users and won several awards that include CSS Design Award as well. According to a survey, it was the fastest selling theme by WordPress in the month of April 2015. An estimated 600 people had downloaded the theme in the first month.

One of its key features is that it offers translatability which will definitely increase your site’s viewership. It costs around $28, which is a fair deal, considering that the features of this website are truly amazing.

Oshine 2016-01-23 14-45-56

This theme offers great versatility and functionalities. It is a multipurpose theme which can help even amateurs design a perfect website of their own. It offers high customization and features unlimited colors. Its drag-and-drop page builder makes it easier to import files.

Creative marketers and freelancers can most benefit from this theme. Some of its many attractive features are a smooth transition between pages and parallax scrolling effect. The layout is clean and simple so the users can navigate directly to your product.

Soledad 2016-01-23 14-48-50

This WordPress theme has a neat structure and presents a lot of finesse and sophistication in its design and layout. It is one of the most intelligently coded themes at WordPress and offers great versatility and customization options to web designers. It is more of a magazine and blog website theme which expands its range of target customers.

The color themes and designs are subtle and soothing to eyes. Therefore, it will give your website a professional look. Its drag and drop page builder helps you to import any files with the utmost ease and it features over 100 combinations of sliders and blogs. This enables you to design a unique website of your own without much of a hassle.

Circle Flip 2016-02-02 17-58-01

It is yet another attractive WordPress theme with a much more practical layout. It is extremely easy to use and amateur web designers can design a perfect website using this theme. Its features are extremely simple and effective, and the website has some amazing color themes.

It has a boxed layout and there is a large variety of background patterns that can be personalized with ease. Many website designs may not fit the smaller mobile phone screens, Circle Flip, however, is quite flexible and adapts to any screen size. This ensures that your website gets a higher viewer count.

My Blog 2016-01-23 14-56-23

This name of the theme speaks for itself and regardless of the nature of your blog, it contains some of the coolest features. One of which is the author box. In case you have several writers working for you simultaneously, the author box would display the name and picture of the author so that readers don’t get confused.

The theme is suitable for any type of blogs, and it showcases a wide range of colors. You can link your social media accounts through the Twitter and Facebook options. Another amazing feature is that you can turn ON/OFF any of the features you like. Hence, you can see on your site only what you want.

Notio 2016-01-23 14-59-01

This is yet another attractive theme intended for blogs and portfolio websites. You can post your photos, file, and designs of your choice. It addresses to the needs of most businesses and is extremely easy to use. Web designer rookies will enjoy this theme because of its simple and effective features.

Its layout is amazingly responsive and it gives you a lot of customization options. Uploading files becomes easy thanks to its drag and drop page building feature.  Its adaptive layout fits the mobile phone screens maintaining their high resolution and preserving graphic quality. It also helps you to sell your ideas with its amazing WooCommerce support.

Some of the most amazing features of this layout are its animated sliders, PSD files, custom widgets and video background support. Sell your blog better through this amazing WordPress layout.

Simple & Elegant 2016-01-23 15-01-34

Next on our list of the cleanest WordPress themes is Simple & Elegant. This is a clean and convenient website layout. Navigation is extremely easy and it integrates some amazing user-friendly technologies. Using this theme, the overall look of your website will be quite professional. It gives high functionality thanks to its intriguing features. Every single aspect of this theme is well looked after and it is quite detailed.

Some of the best features of this theme are its live customizer, slider revolution, Vimeo and YouTube integration, audio and video gallery and Visual Composer. This theme is suitable for both professional and personal use and addresses to the needs of almost all types of businesses. It may be simple but it can get you a greater view count.

Luisa 2016-01-23 15-04-13

For graphic designers, artists and photographers, Luisa is the website theme to have. It is designed to give your website a trendy and refreshing look. Creative designers will love this theme as it offers some great and artistic features. The website is highly responsive and adaptive to smartphone screens. This is a plus point as it increases view count for your website.

The theme comes with a demo video that lets you install and create an artistic website in one click. Customization options are numerous and so that you can exhibit your personal or your company’s portfolio with utmost convenience.

Angle 2016-01-23 15-05-57
Angle is our next in the list of cleanest WordPress themes. It is a multipurpose theme that is absolutely clean and refreshing. It can be used for a wide range of applications from personal blogs to corporate businesses. Its clutter-free design keeps things simple and effective and it is user-friendly.

It has some amazing features and the functionality is superb. Some of the best features include stylish and delicate animation. It is highly responsive and reacts to the visitor’s pointer so that it keeps them engaged with the website. High-resolution images with numerous widgets enhance the viewing experience while consuming the smallest amount of space.

X – The Theme 2016-01-23 15-09-58

There are few that don’t like the X theme. This website is visually engaging and offers high functionality. It addresses to a wide range of business needs that make it a much-wanted design. The features are endless and the theme is extremely responsive.

Numerous customization options can help you personalize your website just the way you want it. Some of the most popular designs in this theme are Integrity, Renew and Icon. One of the features that give it the edge over other themes is that it includes plugins free of charge.

This is one of the most popular WordPress themes as it broke several sales records after its launch and reached a million sales within just 6 months. High resolution and adaptability allow it to be used for tablets, smartphones and most of the popular web browsers.

Foodica 2016-01-23 16-14-30

This is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can address the most businesses thanks to its clean and simple design. However, it is specially designed for the food industry. Restaurants, food blogs, and nutritionists will love this theme for their personal or business websites.

It uses the latest CSS3 and HTML5 technology along with some efficient widgets and tools that can help you personalize your website just the way you want. It supports a wide range of colors and offers six main color themes to attract food fans to your page.

That partly concludes our collection of cleanest WordPress themes. Feel free to comment below and add your choices to the list.

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