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12 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Visual Content Marketing

What’s worse than watching your efforts go waste? Well, Brand Failures are certainly the worst. Where’s the real problem? You did your basics right; did the product research; analyzed trends; checked out other brands from competitors; changed the packaging and launched an expensive marketing campaign. Untitled2

Does this happen?

It becomes more frustrating when you see your competitors do well even if your product has better quality and price. At times, you’d literally want to yell at the customers to stop them from buying rather below-average products when they can see yours at the same price.

What’s missing in there?

Most of the entrepreneurs do everything right except for the right kind of approach towards brand marketing. And this is the real deal in today’s world, in which branding is intensely connected to the people’s psyche. They don’t fall for anything down the road until they are convinced that certain product was meant for them. This is where we think developing a personal brand online is very important.

Content marketing – But Where?

Now that you have done everything right up to the marketing stage, you need an engaging content to boost your product (remember those catchy jingles of Mc Donald’s and KFC?).

Internet Has an Edge over Other Media

  • Ad campaigns: It’s good that you’ve bought a prime time slot for brand advertisement on the national television. You should also know that people actually pay more attention to the Internet content as compared to TV or radio (they have remote controls). In fact, today’s youth spend more time on cell phones, laptops and tablets as compared to the TV screens – they don’t want just to watch and listen, they want to express their feelings related to what they see.
  • Measuring your targeted audience: It is comparatively difficult to measure how much of the targeted audience you’ve managed to grab with the help of TV, Radio and Newspapers. In comparison, you can count how many of them actually visited your website, blog or social media page and how many of them liked your brand. That’s where social media comes into play.
  • Social media: Blogs, social networks, independent online forums, review sites and other affiliate marketing tools help customers engage with the things they see and use. And they’re likely to share their favorite things with their friends (not just few of them – at least a few hundred).
  • Going viral: A lot of small-scale brands have gone international because of the fame and popularity they received on social networks. You can even show the world how your baby cries and get thousands of appreciations. That’s the power of social networks today (it doesn’t mean you should post anything relevant or irrelevant to your brand)
  • What’s more important than going viral? The quality and type of content has an integral part to play in your brand recognition. Using different kinds of visuals, images and illustrations in posts can literally boost your brand beyond your expectations.

And This Infographic Shows You Why Visual Content Marketing Is Important For You

Infographic 12 reasons of visual content

According to John Berger, (Ways of Seeing, Published 1972),

Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak.

It is a fact that people like sharing images and pictures online. Facebook posts, status updates, and pro-image sites like Pinterest and Instagram will give you better understanding about the kind of content used today. You can easily classify social media posts into two segments:

  • Posts with visuals: having at least one image, video, or graphics.
  • Post without visuals: text-based posts

People understand visuals easily. They take less time in getting attracted towards colorful and informative images. This is the reason why posts with visuals get more likes than text-based posts. It’s not unusual to add graphics in posts, it’s a natural phenomenon.  It just took slightly longer to make its place in the viral world.

Thanks to social media, smart phones, tablets and latest web development techniques making it easier for visual content go viral. And it’s really not unreal to decorate posts with images, as you know – not everyone understands your way of writing – visuals will make it much easier.  Apart from the infographic, here are few psychological factors that make visual content the ultimate choice for content marketers.

1. Humans brain process all information simultaneously.

The information in the form of visuals are easy to process therefore, the brain processes larger portion of visual information. On the other hand, lines of text require some time to decode; therefore, limited text-based information is processed at one time. This is why, 93% of overall human communication is non-verbal.

2. Colors play tricks on humans

According to Don Norman, (author of Emotional Design),

“I started out as an engineer, and I thought that what was really important was that something worked. Appearance—how could that matter? And yet for some reason, I would still buy attractive things, even if they didn’t work as well as the less attractive ones. This puzzled me. In the last two years, I’ve finally come to understand that it’s a result of the extremely tight coupling between emotion and cognition. Emotion is about judging the world, and cognition is about understanding. They can’t be separated.”

Colors are important part of life and they touch our emotions differently. When you’re tensed, you like to sit in the dark and when you’re happy, you like to walk outside the house in a bright sunny day. These are just a few examples of your need for colors to express yourself. That’s why visual content marketing becomes more important ploy in persuading people to buy something.

If you want to know more about colors and what affect thay have, don’t forget to check out our post “How Color Affect Purchase Decission and How to Use Them Effectively”


No matter if you represent a serious product or service, there is a room for a visual content every where, particularly when you’re selling something really boring – a financial product, a medicine, or anything like that. In fact, you can differentiate your brand in highly competitive market with the help of highly attractive visual content. There are plenty of reasons to choose visual content. Whatever you choose, whether graphics, pictures or video content, your brand should be the main point of attraction for the viewers.